ASTRO: Lions in the coming year honor and glory belong to you (astrology)

Jupiter will help to increase its 2021 ambitions and solve environmental problems with ease. This is a suitable period to take wise decisions regarding the future course of events was on a business, whether on an emotional level. The year is good to bury the past and to work on the quality of the future.

Year 2021 has great plans for you, but do not expect that all roads are sprinkled with rose petals. One part will be bumpy, and you choose whether you are going to cross over or give up. This could be a very important year in the field, but will depend on the individual affinities. During the second half of your project may see the light of day, but it will not apply to those who have given up halfway. Only the brave will be rewarded.


In your natural field of love enters the sinister Saturn, which means that many will be tempted relations. You can count on to take the test emotional maturity. Many questions your wants and needs will be associated with your genuine and real affinities. Those relationships will review and analyze the relationship of partners in a very responsible manner. In this period will require responsibility and determination. They are free to sail into some serious relationships or will be left to a nostalgia that. preboljevanju past.


Over the past year, you have an opportunity to make a plan of your activities on fihnansijskom plan, now is the time for implementation. In this case it will go in two directions. When risks … The question is what will happen. It can not be generally determined. During the second half of the year brings the influence of Jupiter or a large amount of money or bankruptcy. The only thing you možw advise, it is to be very careful.


During this year, your health will be average. Possible loss of immunity due to stressful situations. There is no indication that they had any major problem, but you’ll have to devote to mental hygiene.


Some worries and fears to be able to make some family problems. It was not until the second half of the year will feel a real family support, until then the undisputed problems and crisis situations. Try not to react to the little things and do not pack up your bags at the first misunderstanding. You are at this time in this field is expected poised attitude and composure.


You all roads are open. If you want to now is the ideal time to choose a destination. This also applies to longer stays, and even the possibility of life beyond the borders of the motherland.