ASTRO LJUBIMAC: Rakov asylum for abandoned animals (astrology)

How much love animals and whether you support the cultivation of pets, different from sign to sign.


For you, it’s good to have a companion, especially as an excuse to leave the house and go jogging. For you, is for smaller, or karakteran dog that could accompany you in the morning training outdoors. Also, you stay very committed and willing to go to all the events, such as exhibitions.


With your character and temperament would fit you like a bigger dog bernadinca. The precipitated nature and love of animals than you expect to be a good trainer. Animals that have a good appetite are your favorite pets.


If you love animals, or any liability to you about them is a major problem. Do not let them succumb to that first feeling of being in love in a sweet puppy that you are experiencing, it is not a commitment to you would you were wearing. The ideal pet for you would be a parrot who learn to talk.


If you were able to help you formed an asylum for all the abandoned animals. Therefore, you are a strict opponent of wearing real fur and sharp protest against it. There is no better home for abandoned dog or cat from your.


For you it is definitely an ideal pet one that will attract attention. Good izdresirani big dogs have to pick up all the prizes at exhibitions. If you like, so big and strong dogs. Also, your favorite animal may be a good horse race.


According to the principles of your animals are not for the house. If this was a pet that does not shed and that is well behaved, he knows the order and discipline, and you may make a compromise. It is certainly one of the household initiator for this household member, certainly not you.


You’ll make a unique bond with your pet. You are very reluctant animals and enjoy the time spent with them. Sweet home as maltezeri or poodles, perfectly fit your character. Your pet will definitely enjoy all the comfort.


You must have gone through a phase of growing igauņu, snakes and spiders rare species. You definitely fascinated by these animals. Your pet for you must be some kind of challenging. The prices and cats because of their individual character.


You are fascinated by horses and fantasize about how you owned a horse farm. Because of your frequent absence from home you are not ready to grow animals, which does not mean that they do not like. If you have a fish tank at home, your neighbor is often hired to take care of them.


You will be hard to decide on the move, taking a pet. It will take time to build a relationship. Because you invest a lot of time on my career, you will match cat as a pet. Temperaments are you aligned. Sure, you are not of the person who would leave their pets.


You are original in everything but when it comes to pets. I secretly hope to be able gremlin found on the street. Since it difficult to cope with the limits in your life, you should control your desire for Stavro strange and rare species of animals. Satisfy the feeding of pigeons in your window.


All animals of the water world, you are close to. Fish often have a home aquarium, and like no other sign of the truly enjoy growing fish. They are able to spend hours enjoying the sight of them. Definitely, their favorite animal is a dolphin.