ASTRO LOOK: Thank Aries, Taurus luscious lips and décolleté Cancer

Which attributes your disposal when it comes to physical appearance? What should you emphasize? Which best describes your character?

As much as some seem impossible, there are the typical characteristics of zodiac signs. What affects our physiology, our next sign is rising, but the whole natal chart. Therefore, we advise that the following description of 12 characters, read and rising.

RAM – Strong, curly hair

This sign is known for a very lush and unruly hair. They usually have a very radiant complexion and character features. Sports, the athletic build and medium height. Im forehead is slightly lower, with prominent arcades, a nose is uncharacteristic shape and slightly longer. Eye color is mostly dark.
Movements are they fast, but they are recognizable and fast walking with the head still in front of the body. Known typical of the characters are Sarah Jessica Parker and Steven Seagal.

BIK – sensual lips and a slow gait

For this character, the rule is “when you try them once, always comes back.” Who can resist the sensual Taurus and emphasized erotic attributes. Women often have the perfect curves thanks to the ruling Venus. This sign is easily bestowed talent to attract interest. Big eyes and long eyelashes, give warmth and tenderness but seductive look. Greek profile, but beautiful and regular features. The upper body and shoulders are developed, a gait is slower and graceful. Known under this sign: Penelope Cruz and Al Pacino.

GEMINI – Koketa restless eyes

Cylinder material, usually thinner because of their activities, Gemini fall into one of the most charming characters. They walk with smaller steps, but still fast. Hands know how to gestakuliraju communication as skilled mimes. High forehead, thin lips, a happy face and anxious look gives them an uncanny charisma. Known Gemini: Angelina Jolie and Novak Djokovic.

RAK – Dense Breasts

Female crabs act as the most zealous beauty, but they lack charisma. His face is round or oval, but not the bony. Beautiful brown, shiny hair, soft skin and beautiful shape of the eyes are trumps Raka, but he was not born to seduce. Unlike the female, the male members of this sign to know how their district of partnerek because exude charisma. Liv Tyler and Nikola Tesla.

LAV – Lipstick and detail never enough

The most striking physical impression just leave this sign. The hair is very stressed, eyes the color of honey, slightly wider nose. The desire to dominate, Leo imposes high standards of physical appearance and the need to impose environment. They are able to draw attention to themselves with their appearance and behavior. Vanity makes them real perfectionists. Male members sign maintain your body in top shape to death, while women spend most of their money on makeup and jewelry. Famous Leos: Jelena Karleusa and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

VIRGO – abruptness

Virgo’s physical appearance is not the first place. Immaculately clean skin, never made up, it has been reduced looks with great white teeth. Mostly regular features expressionless. With the Virgin to be able several times to become familiar to the remembered. The only thing that this character is that strict self will not allow even one kilogram of excess. VIP Device: Claudia Schiffer and Mickey Rourke.

SCALE – I’m the best

They are implemented. Whether male or female member of the sign Libra is synonymous with beauty. By far the best sign of the zodiac. Like the Taurus, the planet Venus is here too unselfish in one being packed perfection without blemish, with what has been generous in giving and good manners, refined posture. Flirtatious and charismatic almost always will emit some seductive messages. The most beautiful famous Scales: Monica Bellucci and Met Dejmond.

Scorpio – I am sexy and I know it

In a word Scorpio are the gods of charisma. They have a magnetic attraction and irresistible. Their constitution is small and muscular. Their eyes are the most powerful weapon in their favorite feature of seduction. View will always operate ambiguous and mysterious. When something irritated. view “shooting”. Stav them provocative. Known: Demi Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

SCORER – Specificity

The ruler of this sign Jupiter gives Krupnova constitution members. Holders of good food and drinks, shooters are prone to weight gain. They have smaller eyes and their eyes pointed at a distance. Supplies high forehead and hair that is mostly combed backwards. Lagan measured gait and calm tone of voice. Representatives of this sign are Britney Spears and Brad Pitt.

CAPRICORN – Models ice views

The bony structure and pronounced cheekbones, the goat gives excellent predisposition to deal with modeling. This is the most photogenic sign of the zodiac, and it is a pity that in front of the lens does not enjoy. This sign is almost has no gestures, so the facial expressions difficult to find something to read. Often members of this sign have clear blue eyes were brighter complexion, hair and eyebrows. Their gait is very determined and confident. They have proper posture. Capricorns are known Kate Moss and Nikola Kojo.

AQUARIUS – Apstraktcija and Surrealism

This is the only sign of where we can set up a typical character traits. It can remind you of any other, and yet retain its identity. What we have indicated in some previous articles astrology, Aquarius can only recognized by nekonvencijonalnom type styling. Extremes in the selection of hairstyles and hair colors. This sign of high intellect and the future does not belong to any template. Famous Aquarius: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Timberlake.

FISH – a dreamy look

How much sadness in those beautiful eyes. Mostly light, but striking and beautiful, like a painted eye, the deep sea, but if you are not sure the brightest light in the zodiac. Lips are full, accented and soft. Grace and subtle movements even more attractive its fragile structure. Well-known members of this sign is Rihanna.