ASTRO LOVE: How to save your relationship and keep a partner? Love has infinite definition …..

Love has an infinite definition. Why is happening and why no one ends up now understood. However, astrology is partly presented an explanation of the behavior of characters.


Aries always have to be a priority and must be in the center of your attention. If Gemini just think that you are no longer attracted to, is ready to terminate. I never, ever, do not compare your Aries with another man with whom you were, no matter how angry because it is possible that you will forever shift because of it.

Never lie Taurus. “White Lies” are one thing, but the Taurus is always more cost sincerity. You can be secretive when it comes to small things, but in big things are expected to complete openness. Maybe the first time and I’m sorry, but the next will not himself.

For the Twin Towers apply the phrase “they note, that on the road.” The same is expected from you. Do not remain vague and always explain to him if you did not understand something. In addition, you must be willing to change, to adapt, to compromise, and certainly should not be possessive. Didymus not feel that his freedom is restricted.

If Rakova hurt feelings, hardly will he forgive me – this character all take it to heart. You should not forget his birthday or neglect by the parties. Raku is required by tenderness and I give in return. No matter how nervous you do not take it out on him – once you attack, he will retire for a longer period.


Leo needed a partner with whom it will look nice. No way you can not embarrass him in public in any way. In addition, Leo likes to feel as if the main (even when it is not). Sex Never use as a means of reward and punishment.

Virgin refuses untidiness. Messy messy house or a car you are big minuses with her. Likewise, negativity is terrified, so make sure not to be in her company when you encounter a yellow minutes.

No one is better than the scales in the knowledge of the subtleties of human relations. Therefore you brutality and callousness provoke a sharp reaction to her, as harmony and fairness of the things that high price. Avoid rough jokes in front of him and do not be intrusive, even just to look at yourself.

Can not be thwarted scorpion trust. Since many times in the past been issued, Scorpio always expected of you in advance that you will betray you (because you are so often accused of cheating or you want to do). If you do not want to leave you, be direct and stay dedicated.

Possessiveness, jealousy and constant checking Sagittarius perceived as a threat to their freedom, one of the things that are most important to him. Trust your shooter even when delayed or when it leaves without you. If you notice that you touch, he will flee from you.

Although Capricorns do not show feelings so explicitly, and they can easily be hurt – especially when it comes to their dignity. Do not talk about your private life, common goat colleagues or employees, and in any case not flirt with others in their presence. In addition, be aware that the goat takes time to process things before they make a decision, so do not rush you, but be patient.


Aquarians are advocates of conservation of nature and love animals. So do not throw cigarettes on the street in their presence, nor to behave badly towards an animal. Aquarius It will easily out of the clock.

Pisces are generous, but do not like someone to exploit. If you performed your partner to dinner at expensive restaurants, once you execute it and it will be taken. If he still cook, you wash the dishes. Likewise, Pisces matter if you do not believe in the same thing as one if you have no depth in looking at things.