ASTRO LOVE, NOT LIKE: What can not be denied Sagittarius?

Follow the instructions and you will not go wrong. What will Vagu swept off my feet and how to deal with emotional Pisces? We reveal the little things that mean life.


DA: Rams are naturally active and tend to their like. Increase the tempo in order to be in step with them. They like the prices honest and simple person. With them be open, in fact, be what you are. If you are in relation to the ram show your enthusiasm in all fields. Yawning leave for later.
DO NOT: Do not say that Aries is wrong. This can cause a violent reaction. They are loyal and passionate lovers, so do not let them smoldering fire of jealousy, she will not forgive. In their presence, no flirting with others, unless you do not want to be last wish.


DA: Stability and reliability are the characteristics of Taurus. They are connected to the people with whom they grew up and spent a lot of time. If you have a Taurus partner, you need to invest in aesthetic value, because they are very reluctant to art. They love bright colors and music. Appreciate life from the material point of view and enjoy a luxury that money provides. If you know how to cook well, you will win his heart forever.
NE: Taurus does not lose his temper easily, but do not induce happiness. Members of this sign are phlegmatic nature, or if they go to the dark side, you will not recognize them. Such ejaculation will be remembered. You can not force and not ispoljavajte aggressive behavior, it disturbs the harmony. Hunger can cause similar effects.


DA: This is a very intellectual and versatile character. If you have twins you need for partners to align their intellect with its zen to keep in touch. They want to be mentally stimulated so you must be good at conversation. Your sense of humor will find a residence in the heart of the Twins. Be more communicative and hours will pass like minutes.
NE: Gemini like to do more things at the same time, so if you are looking for stability at the wrong address you. Do not stalk them because they are restless and in need of constant changes. This rule should you adopt if you do not think you ever lose.


DA: Try to adapt to a changing mood of Cancer. At one point, will laugh, but the other will cry. You’ll have to come to terms with sensitive emotions, because they are like the tide in the ocean. Additional bonuses are if you love to cook and have a fondness for poetry.
NO: They are easily vulnerable, so do not play with the emotions of the Tropic of Cancer. They form emotional bonds, even with objects, do not ask them to give up some old rags and souvenirs. Such things are of special value for them. No pribegavajte contradictions, it’ll only create confusion.


DA: If you have Lava partner, observe its magnificent manners. Accept his advice because he is the king of the jungle. He is a showman, but if you do everything in a big way, accept. It’s easy to fall of flattery because they need to be the center of attention. And yes, do not forget to admire him.
NE: Never hurt his ego. Pride, ego and vanity of the package that goes with Lava. Do not touch that package, even more difficult will soften his more authoritative stance. Also, he does not like negative, gloomy and depressed person. He still sun sign.


DA: Virgo is very methodical and have a great sense of duty. But they are blind to their own faults. So if you have a partner, put the emphasis on its quality. Show an interest in what you are doing and it will be happy to come to the rescue. You rely on your mental powers, not on physical strength.
DO NOT: Do not push the Virgin in the center of events unless she herself did not. They are shy and reserved by nature, do not like to be in focus. They have secrets that they do not want to disclose if they might find out, never admit that you know something about it.


DA: Scales harder harmony and peace in all their relationships. Venus gives them the beauty, but they exhibit a weakness for people who indicate their compliments. You can help her if Vagi provide unified and equal partnership. If you have a partner you can be sure that you will divide with her pleasant and beautiful moments.
DO NOT: Do not start an argument and discussion, unless you know how to shorten the time. One hates to lose, and during an argument can go to extremes. Do not induce Libra partners in decision-making because of too much weight may still not be able to make the final. Be patient.


DA: Scorpio are full of passion and lust for life. Tune in to their wavelength and you can enjoy in harmony with them. They are loyal and never forget the beautiful things they do. If you want to make love with Scorpio, indulge in the passion and intensity of the emotions I realize how good life can be with them.
NE: Scorpio is very passionate, and fiercely possessive. She wants to possess your mind, body and soul. Do not let the seed of envy grows in them otherwise you will suffer the agony of jealousy and resentment. It has an explosive passion, so be careful how you handle them. Do not flirt around in her presence.


DA: You can enjoy with them in their flight and enthusiasm. They bubble with excitement. If you have the same interests and hobbies, life can be full of beautiful experiences. They are honest and open, so if you want direct access to contact them. Be full of optimism and Sagittarius is yours.
NE: Goal is strictly independent and does not tolerate any restrictions. Do not try to retain him in life. Let him enjoy his freedom and if you take to heart, I visit you. not iritirajte it is too long lectures. They are honest to the limits of indecency, but do not feel offended at some statements.


DA: Capricorns are strong and reliable. So, if you give money to trust anyone, then it is a sign of this. They are practical and conservative, but are expected to be reduced to the fight in their presence. They set certain standards and strive to keep them at all costs. For them, the social picture is very important in life.
DO NOT: Do not expect Capricorn to open your heart and express all your emotions to you. They are very secretive and guarded. They are very thorough in their duties and despise sloppiness. Stingy, economical, so do not expect lavish gifts. If you win, it will be a very rare specimen that has a practical purpose. And no romance, please.


DA: Aquarians are friendly fascinating character. They have a deep knowledge of many subjects and you can talk to them for hours, but you will not be bored. They are able to provide an incredible amount of love. They have a very wide horizons and you can sit next to them. There will always support your humanitarian activities. In order to get emotionally attached to you, you must possess a mysterious and intriguing quality.
DO NOT: Do not plan and expect a normal, simple and predictable life with Aquarius. I can go in any direction, not giving any prior notice. They are basically very upset and quickly im bored. Although very open though do not expect you to reveal all their feelings. Are independent and are often strange to others.


DA: Fish are sensitive and charming. If you are looking for someone who can understand your feelings before you came to the right person. You should cherish and her feelings, she will be committed. They are born dreamers, but you can with this lover to build palaces, but in real life it can go a little harder.
NE: They should not be expected to have big ambitions. Not that I like to live on the edge of poverty, but they have no sincere desire for acquiring wealth. You must always be on guard with feelings because they are very sensitive. They are able to be drowning in their tears. It should be understood.