ASTRO: Make sure you are in a period of Sade Sati or seven and a half years of sorrow

Lately, you do not go out of hand. What you have previously performed very easily now it has become very difficult. People do not understand, every step of having problems. Maybe you are in the astrological period called Sade Sati. Period of life that is called Sade Sati or “seven and a half years of sorrow” is always one of the most difficult period through which man passes. When Saturn enters the previous house from the natal Moon, a person’s Sade Sati period that lasts until Saturn is out of the following characters from the natal Moon. This period lasts seven and a half years.

Saturn represents the dark side of our mind and in this period he will have to destroy, tear down and stop, in order to create favorable conditions for the growth of something new. He teaches us that we are limited and that all material things have a beginning and an end, that is what is merged up again, and everything returns to where it began.

Saturn is uncompromising teacher who will not tolerate any negligence or profligacy of their students. When Sade Sati comes, Saturn will turn off the pomp and splendor of that veil, and the hands will let us “tool” to work hard on it. When a person finds himself in Sade Sati period, circumstances change and life becomes filled with difficulties, the person becomes nervous and intolerant, although hard work, money can never have enough, health becomes impaired, and the emotional life becomes empty, or filled with incomprehension. Saturn will punish those who are dishonest and cruel. Therefore Saturn every 30 years puts obstacles in front of a person and his school educates people and purify their character.

The compiler of laws is not sentimental. This is Saturn.

Sade Sati consists of three sub-periods (dhai) of two and a half years each.

The meanings for each sub-period:


In the first phase, in which Saturn transiting the sign before the Moon, the events will be concentrated in the direction of a parent or person with whom we have a close relationship. It is believed that during this period can lead to deterioration of health of older family members (particularly bake), and that can perform visual loss so we’re needed glasses. Furthermore, there will be adverse financial expenses, separation from family and home, or to perform an existential crisis. Possible business problems his father in terms of loss of status, income or some form of regression and that it depends on other family members.

Saturn’s moon’s sign. This stage usually manifests itself in our personal and professional level. Possible health problems, break or longer separation from loved ones. For this phase maintains that shows the fear of the enemy, some form of detention, impoverishment, weakening position in every sense.

Saturn is the next sign of the Moon. Will affect health, although more in terms of the health of our loved ones, such as children or emotional partner. Of course, our personal health may be compromised, particularly if you are in the later years. This phase indicates a stressful period in financial and business terms, followed by a simultaneous lack of immunity, chronic fatigue, moodiness, anxiety. Someone might be able to inflict financial harm or deceive us.