ASTRO MODE: Patches which means life …. I have nothing to wear !!!!!

I have nothing to wear. I suspect that a large percentage of the female population of this sounds familiar? Sprint before the mirror and check the trend has brought you and calls you. And how do we manage from your own wardrobe, who what style suits, who takes care of rags which means life, and whether you need to be firmirana wardrobe, find out here.


All or nothing. Or grab the first thing that was at hand, provided it is comfortable clothing, or you’re a fashion addict. Thanks to the sporty look you will choose a leather jacket, jeans and some sneakers from substantial collection. You also may presume to impress environment modern appearance. If you’re a man more style befitting any bikers, but women will choose mini skirts. Is inspired by the courage of Sarah Jessica Parker. You are attracted by bright colors.


Enjoy classic and timeless clothes. Your priorities are beautiful and high quality materials, well tailored. Since you are a conformist, it is very important that the clothes you wear is comfortable. You swear to natural fibers – cotton, cashmere and silk. Voters greens, and white is your favorite. Also, the prices of the skin that brings a little touch of rustic elegance. Thanks to the influence of Venus, you are not afraid to show and sensuality. Your muses are the stars of the fifties and modern as Monica Bellucci.


You do not belong to the category of people who think that fashion is a problem or a quest for perfection. Your daily outfit often includes jeans, shirt and boots that allow you to customize any event. However, you will not be a lifelong adolescent. You know to dress better than anyone, often with a carefully selected and unusual details. You’re crazy for scarves, gloves and sunglasses. You, of course, understand what is fashion, especially street thing. In addition to pastel colors, you are a fan of printed fabric. Prada – freely and playfully.


It is certain that you are attracted to fashion and to follow most of the magazine. In everyday life, sometimes leaning retro style, as well as irregularities, but prefer a comfortable and clothing that protects you from external conditions. On the other hand, if they meet your needs, you might want to go back to childhood. Are you a lover of delicate materials and under the influence of the ruling of the moon, all shades of silver and white colors can be found in your closet.


You have a classic and sophisticated taste and you feel that fashion is a means by which you can improve physical appearance. With its natural look and will not be noticed easily you can imagine how you walk the catwalk Yves Saint Laurent. You know very well how to get to wear the shiny and gold fabrics, often in shades of fire or even pure gold. Madonna sends you warm greetings. Make sure you do not overdo it sometimes. No gold for all occasions.


Under your care to be flawless is not a question that can easily be ignored. There is a large living challenge to find appropriate clothing for your various activities. Neat for the kids from school, neat and business-impressive for a woman or a businessman and an elegant cocktail party. However, you insist on discretion. Natural tones of gray and beige appeal to you. Your details are simple and practical.


Ah, fashion! The word that heats the blood when you start this topic. It is likely that you are a fashion guru, who was born with the Sun in Libra. You’ve earned the title of your fashion expert thanks to monitoring all the fashion magazines, magazine and blogs. The subtle mix of new trends with good old classics. It is true that resort to innovation, a pencil skirt you into the essence of femininity. Blue tones are favorite Libra. Fashion muse might be Gwyneth Paltrow.


Let’s not forget that you have a little sadomasochistic tendencies … Which means, or to exaggerate the need for clothing, or complete disregard them. Adopts the most sophisticated trends because provocation is where undoubtedly enjoy. Or Dior or another by the porno-chic style. Really, you think that fashion has to be sexy. Black lace, skin or blood … If you are male, you’ll decide to ambiguity. Uzor Scorpio would be Kate Moss, whatever has to be some bad.


Sagittarius wants to be in the trend and predict forthcoming. It’s part of your need for social recognition, provided that it does not harm your beloved freedom. You are often behind the wheel of the boots and enormous coat or cape. Whenever you have a chance you’ll have your well-tailored clothes flatter some exotic detail. Nothing you do not meet more than when under the influence of fashion in Asia or Africa – Morocco embroidery or jewelry from Nepal.


If you asked for an appointment that should define the mode, it would be “convincing”. You believe that designers have to prove their value, because fashion is transient. If you love the style that has the characteristics of a perfect and precise cut and inevitable suits for women with string of pearls. Regardless of gender, you choose men’s clothes. Striped sweaters, white shirts, shoes without heels and maybe a hat. You will be very careful not to show bad taste. Although copying despise someone, a woman who has their values ​​Carla Bruni.


It is certain that never go unnoticed, both in the literal as well as figurative sense. If you meet someone unusual colored hair with makeup and bright colors in clothing improvisation then she Cancer. No matter how much followed the trends of Aquarius will always contribute to an innovation of his idea. They are not tied to a specific color, nor should they be classified fans in individual creators. In this category one literally furaje your thing.


Approaching fashion as a form of art, and you excel and shine. Daily drapes, an avalanche of lace and fancy details suit you marvelously well. You love the colors of the ocean from turquoise to ultramarine. Pearl colors are also fascinating, and Versace logo jellyfish is only for you. Fashion is a real world of dreams and idealism, and you are in these waters the best swimmer. Deep cleavage and admire its sensuality.