ASTRO MOTO: What are the principles of the water signs of the zodiac? What Every Sign thoughts about yourself!

What Every Sign thoughts about yourself and how you feel we have presented in a couple of proverbs.


  • God first created a beard menu.
  • All for me, for myself.
  • love yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of love.


    • Love goes through the stomach.
    • Every day in every way I am richer.
    • Hunger is stronger than all truth.


      • Better a live coward than a dead chicken.
      • No early early, grab all the time.
      • Large rumors arise from my tiny whispers.


        • For the home ready.
        • Some drink with joy, some sadness, but I since morning.
        • Do not fear death, but I do not want us to be there when that happens.


          • It is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.
          • When you run out of arguments, insult opponents.
          • I want absolute obedience of their subjects.


            • Life is a hereditary disease that is transmitted through sex.
            • Happiness is what usually happens to someone else.
            • If something can go wrong, will start awry.


              • The beauty charm without the hook without bait.
              • You can never be so vile as I may seem naive.
              • It is better to be married than hanged.


                • An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
                • At my signal, a swallow and dark.
                • What you can not do it alone, spoiling another bar.


                  • lazy horse a long time.
                  • I used to be conceited, but I got rid of this blemish. Now I am perfect.
                  • In hell, the devil is a positive personality.


                    • A man is a collection of intimate contradictions stored in human skin.
                    • I love humanity, but I can not stand people.
                    • To err is human, to throw the blame on others, more humane.


                      • Me and my best friend we have everything in common, however, and his wife.
                      • The real enemy and will never abandon you.
                      • The best man’s friend is the man who minds his own business.


                        • When I get the urge to work, sit or lie down and wait for me to go.
                        • In wine there is truth.
                        • I love the work. I can watch for hours how others are doing.