ASTRO MUSIC: When my ears hear the music on the current …

Zodiac determines which music you like the most.

Imagination, art and music in astrology symbolizes the position of the moon and Venus in the moment in which you were born. So, one of them, as well as your horoscope sign and Ascendant depends on whether you enjoy a more classical, jazz or electronic music.

Passionate Aries likes hard rock and techno, but it is also a big fan of classical music. He likes to direct, and most enjoy concerts large symphony orchestras. Before him, Bach, Debussy and Borodin. Aries “directs” and in a pub – whales music and song orders until jaded musicians.

Hedonistic BIK likes trumpeters and ethnic music, his heart simply plays when listening sevdalinke and old songs. He gathers the music around your desk and do not give them a go. Orders music and Cascavel, and often take the microphone in hand. Likes and Oriental sound, but it is a real spectacle belly dancing.

GEMINI generally like everything new – modern rhythms, pop and rock, rave, house and techno. In a society are irresistible because they are great imitators. They sing and play entertaining all in their environment. Fans are one of the most Britnovih works, children’s opera “The Little Chimney Sweep” and the ballet by Igor Stravinsky “Firebird”.

Evergreen and authentic folk music, receiving CANCER with relaxing chit-chat with friends, when you can also sing and play, until the early morning hours. His heart plays with the violin, but it so agreeable Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Brahms.

Leo feels all with what he can empty his enormous energy through dance. Most like to be on the dance floor, because then all eyes on him. Before his domestic pop ballads or techno and hard rock. His favorite composer is Beethoven.

Chopin’s favorite composer who enjoys expensive DEVICE and with ballads and film soundtracks. Her mood is growing in merry company, your favorite cafe, and to the moment when all slacken. Tamburica bećarci and forcing it to come into play, and play on the counter or table.

As soon as you enter the house, SCALE includes stereo. It is important that the music ori, but mainly a romantic – pop and ballads were her thing. Enjoys the classics, especially Viennese concerts, and her favorite composers Tchaikovsky and Mozart. It is refined and restrained but happy visit rafts where he became rowdy and whales muzikante.

Passionate and noisy, Scorpio loves bohemian atmosphere favorite restaurant just as it enjoys in choral singing and the sound of the organ. He loves the instruments, but also pop, a composer of her most agreeable Schumann, Beethoven and Mokranjac.

SCORER loves the rhythm of the Far East, African tribe dances … He excites the sound of drums, and techno. Although his favorite composer Beethoven, Leo does not avoid barroom music, but only in a restaurant in the city center where the famous come “face”.

CAPRICORN seemingly reticent and reserved, but he can relax with red wine and good music in a real tavern atmosphere. He will not play and sing with pleasure, however, is a classic “law”. He loves piano concertos, as well as duets, and as far as most composers enjoy the works of Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninoff.

AQUARIUS sleeps during the day and go crazy at night. She loves disco rhythm, and discotheque owners, floating restaurants and clubs can be thankful that often Aquarius dawned in their premises. It is controversial and unpredictable, she loves Byzantine music, organ, guitar and Mozart.

FISH does not care what time it is. If they are good they are in another world, because they love to fantasy, dream and imagine. Opera, ballet are reserved for a romantic and sensuous fish that like Puccini, Verdi, Chopin, Gluck and Manuel de Falla, as well as compositions for the piano and the orchestra.