ASTRO MUVANJE: Ladies, be sexy and “Upecajte ‘lover

This is the interpretation of the most memorable, but funny characteristics and attitudes signs of the Zodiac. Which tricks women use to seduce your soul mate?

Aries wife knows where to take him. Who is bothered by a direct approach? After all, does it really matter what kind of training is maintained form.

Chest – the higher the better. Taurus woman does not tolerate skateboards – one free dave. Cleavage her arms, a red wardrobe is there just to draw attention to the major contribution in the menu.

Partying, dancing, flirting, flirting and lots of action … Male or female? Who cares…

Every man needs a mother.

Be untouchable queen of the universe. Even if you do not catch your man, you will enjoy to watch for a while crawling in front of you.

Chronic virgin, but behind the mask is looming heat … with ice cubes.

Equality, equality and fair play. The important thing is to match colors.

Warm – cold, or shower with power shower. We’ll play as two rivals. However, I win.

So many men, so little time. Just do not oblige.

Must be all the planning. Marriage is a rat. Today you get a battle, tomorrow you rich.

The goal is to find a registered Democrat, with a typical democratic and liberal beliefs.

It’s all about feeling, not strangling me with the details.