ASTRO (ONLY) MURDER: Why is Marilyn Monroe decided to end his life?

Norma Jane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe, born on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles. Twin with Leo Ascendant and the Moon in Aquarius. This combination indicates that Merlin has never been friendly. She had wider horizons, but Leo is rising wanted fame and glamor only as neutoljenu hunger for love and attention.

In the horoscope of this legendary dive but very well observed predisposition to mental illness – Neptune I field in bad aspect to Saturn (planet extremely difficult) in the field of home and family. It reveals that the very suffered by their bižnjih and that her home from which encourages more of a battleground than an oasis of peace. It will later be reflected in the family that she be formed.

Again, IV field family in a dark Scorpio where the infamous Saturn, which is in extremely poor compared with other planets. With her mother has never established good communication, but all of her accident and trauma dating precisely from there.

Marriage in Aquarius that seeks absolute independence and the Moon (emotions) who suffer in such an environment, Merlin led to severe depression.

Sun in the X field (career) brings her great popularity, and Neptune I, her personal field of interest before providing lenses and it is remarkable in the world of film.
On the other hand this same Neptune, if found in this area brings a serious predisposition to immoderate consumption of pills. A typical example of a sedative drug addicts who in this case is often consumed by the alcohol. The point was to get away from the reality that is the norm was unacceptable. His life is dedicated ended with a strategy, since it is this place expected by many powerful people who were on quite high positions.