ASTRO ORGAZAM: Which character is prone to act out? To explosions of guidance here ….

Each zodiac sign has a different approach to sexual relations. To explosions of evo guideline on what partner has to pay attention.


This woman is a direct and likes quick sex. Very little time is spent on foreplay, because it is specific to the tastier in her case. Orgasm may experience very quickly, or partner should be sufficiently passionate and stimulating. She foreign and that it take a leading role.

Taurus woman needs a partner to experience very special. Also, they do not agree to intimacy with someone who does not openly express desire, but not vulgar manners. Foreplay is very important to them and it must have its intensity and rhythm, in other words, they are a necessary and talented very sensitive man, the rest falls under unsatisfactory criteria. If you do not have an orgasm, do not go back to the ” failure ”.

They are great adventurers and the key word is ‘experiment’. They love challenging games of seduction, even to the extent that they finish with a complete stranger in the open. Tend to forget, because their life is pure adventure. In order to have an orgasm, they are necessary to show great imagination and passion. They need to be motivated.

They are too devoted partner that would be enough consecrated themselves. They have soft skin and dense breasts, so that I touch is enough to excite to a climax. However, they think too much, are in constant fear of abandonment, but the relationships do not relax and not feel complete pleasure. To them it is more important that the partner enjoys.

With this type of woman sex should be something spectacular and pompous. Lionesses are infinitely confident, they know exactly what they need and do not compromise with it. At the peak of the experience know how to be very loud, but if you do not experience do not criticize your partner, for them there is a “remedial”.

When Virgo excitement has to be on a high intellectual level. This means that communication continues during intercourse, SRO stimulate them further. However, they do not change poses and are not active in the games. For them, have present an sex.

Libra enjoys sex and is capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. Sometimes it is lazy to handle the situation and pay attention to the partner, but has the ability to provide the ultimate satisfaction with their appearance. Their way of experiencing orgasm very stimulating and partners.

This is a teacher of sex and experience orgasm. With her, sex is unforgettable and an experience to remember. It was made for this! All of her senses and sensibilities is focused in that direction. When you imagine the state of trance, then imagine here in complete manner. Women born under this sign can never be a bad choice of the opposite sex.

Here is a game played by the stunt. Yes, sex is important, but there are some higher things. It must be with a partner that understands the spiritual level. It is not easy to meet criteria woman Sagittarius. Unlike the Taurus and Scorpio which sex is the most important item in a relationship with the Sagittarius have different approaches. Satisfy my mind, and then physically. However, when this woman found the right partner forests provide more than anyone can.

In women Tropic is very difficult to cause a peak, but those who do it, will experience a spectacle. They are easily excited and happy to have sex or an orgasm they need more time. If you suffer, it is something that can not be hidden.

Partner is never clear about this woman. They love the unusual and different things, therefore causing a constant suspicion of the opposite sex. With them was not clear what their commitments, they have understanding for everything and nothing is foreign to them. Respected liberal attitudes. When reaches its peak, they have that explosive.

These women are deeply emotional. With them was an unforgettable sex or if their sensibilities feel complete loyalty. If you feel that this is at a superficial level, it will not indulge in the session. Soft also like to feel touch. When you have an orgasm, so act emphatically that neither partner could no longer refrain.