ASTRO PAR: The best combination, and why they do not understand the Tropic Rams? So say the stars!

What is the perfect pair for you? What characteristics have certain signs of the zodiac, you discover. This is about the compatibility of characters, excluding cliché astrological generalization.


After this sign temperament is choleric. Quickly plane, thankfully, quickly and lowered his passion. Someone who would not be traveling, eating Didymus also fast, because Rams are not born to wait. Pathetic experience as a means of manipulation, hence the complete lack of understanding towards Rakov who are hypersensitive to their taste. Direct communication performance members of this character can not understand a Scorpio.


A typical representative of this sign is flegman by nature. For coexistence could be fit with a sensitive Cancer, romantic fish and passionate Scorpio. As someone who strives for harmony in life, he could not bring it in line with the twins who would have entered too much tension bullish raid.
With Aquarius communication is disharmonious, one tends ideas of the future, and the other is the traditional understanding.


Chameleon that fits into any environment. Twin is the favorite entertainer in society, but in the long run is not very reliable. What it could choke you eat scorpion possessiveness. Limiting its radius of movement, would be to deprive him of the air we breathe. Capricorns are too strict for their free spirit. With Aquarius can form an ideal coexistence, provided that someone else takes care of the offspring.


Sensual Cancer tends to build up an excellent relationship with the bull that is stable and open to the emotional story. With the Virgin will achieve perfect communication and will defend a common position with running the household as a member of this sign is very important. Disharmonious relationship could be with Capricorn, which does not recognize the public expression of emotions.


Whoever has the gift to flatter and to admire once Leo is welcome. Twins who are masters of this craft will suit the lion’s ego, while static Taurus can only irritate his indifference. Fish usually have that dreamy look in love, but the Lions very comfortable in their vicinity. Tropic cold is for the members of this sign is absolutely unacceptable.


For a discussion of intellectual theme ideal interlocutors Gemini and Aquarius, with what in everyday life is not a Virgo accident could not tolerate ” creative mess ” of Aquarius. Taurus is compatible, but his laziness can sometimes lead to madness Virgin. On the other hand it is very favorable to Libra, which emphasis on aesthetic details.


Quite indecisive Libra certainly knows how to fit into life with almost all signs of the zodiac, but it’s pretty picky and one little thing can forever put away the people. Perfectly understood the Taurus and may suffer its inertia. Aquarius She is the extremely interesting, but there is a limit beyond which her her company becomes exhausting.


Scorpio Scorpio understands best. In addition to the compatibility and Taurus is the sign that is always well connected. What with what members of this sign will not compromise, will exercise restraint and programmed behavior Capricorn. Scales they may be cute, but not in the long run.


With everybody and anybody. Sagittarius is completely individual type, and although it has a good communication with most of the characters, it is not with any skrašava. Understanding can be found at the Gemini and Aquarius, on the principle of similar affinity. Fish would be a good choice, but the truth should always be ‘out there’ ‘.


This is vital to the same business direction and ambition. Taurus is a great companion, but his libido would in this case remain unsaturated. Sagittarius would provide a little lifeless Capricorn One, but soon could see no end to this adventure. Crab there is no place.


Will enter into communication with everyone I will not make a difference by status, but the tranquility and peace will be felt only with someone who he can compete intelektalno. Sagittarius would be a big hit on the other side of Virgo to Aquarius able to intrigue, but all this sterile lifestyle would not be fruitful.


Created for missionary topics and provide an inexhaustible source of love and warmth. This will be the most pleasant for the Tropic of Cancer, Taurus and Libra. These connections can bring great love to remember. What is the mana of all this fairy tale is that the place is not always obliged with ” they lived happily ever after ‘. For unknown reasons, Pisces is a feature that disappeared without a word and saying goodbye.