ASTRO PARENT: Wear something warmer – said mama Cancer

We all know that parenting person changes radically. And astrology confirms it. There is a theory that moment when we become mothers, actually take on the characteristics of the sign in which we are located Month.


The Rams will try to establish a friendly relationship with their children. They want to develop a love for nature and sports. Attention will be given to minor injuries because they have gone through this process. Bruises and scrapes are inevitable part of growing up. The only thing that kids can irritate the constant rushing by parents Aries.


“Eat, power-to-mouth enters” the basic educational methods Taurus. He will devote all their energy to prepare healthy meals for their children. The patient and gentle parents, but do not like repeating things several times. His children will never accept it as adults, but will always impose their views.


Happy children who have twins for parents. Good game and fun never end. They see their children is through this method of upbringing, and often they themselves forget that they are adults. Sometimes I know how to get angry when they lose the ” Do not be angry man ”. The twins do not have the innate maternal instinct, it is often bring to selfish to meet your needs first.


Cancer is a synonym motherhood. This sign ruled by the Moon, but the members of this sign meant to be parents. They love and warmth of children turn into selfless and enlightened beings. Sometimes the mother will Rak your child to wear warmer than necessary.


As a parent, Leo has the ambition to direct your child to one day become a successful man. They are not able to realize children’s mane because they love completely blind. Their children are always the best. If you have more children, always will be extracted as a favorite.


Jurica their children at home how to wash their hands. Parenting is hard for them because it usually involves a mess. They are mostly kids ‘happen’ by chance. Never forget regular pediatric medical control and are very concerned about the health of their offspring. It is unlikely that you will look sloppy and Mousavi child of a Device.


Easy life will always dominate in relation to parenting. Hard to bear the role of single parents, and often when it comes to that, very quickly find a replacement biological parent. They will educate their children in the direction of the refined manners and etiquette.


Scorpio will their children prepare for the reality of ” cruel ” time. Their punishment is military and not one segment does not fail during the upbringing of their children. It will also be focused on getting children to develop respect for acquired material goods. You could say that this lack of affection and attention.


Sagittarius is one of those who Zankova before you realize as a parent, usually critical of other people’s children education. He knows how to make your own, until the moment when one becomes a parent. And then all the principles fall into the water. We will invest a lot of energy and money to provide education to your child at a high level, on the other hand the child will enjoy full democracy.


Capricorns teach their children traditional values. Respect for tradition and discipline are the key factors that children should be seated. The honor is something that is passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, for the sake of career members of this sign can not ignore your child.


These are parents who respect the personality and thinking of her child. Children have complete freedom in the design of free time, and they do not impose obligations strictly. Too much ” democracy ” because Aquarians believe that can only be achieved by forcing resentment and aversion.


Fish longing for tenderness, but not for the family. Before the exercise, as parents, do not show great affection towards children. His children will learn a variety of tricks and skills with them to implement highly creative fulfilled time, but will not know how to face them with everyday life problems.