ASTRO PARTY: While kissing Scorpio, Gemini flirts with Taurus

New Year’s Eve. Imagine a party to which were invited all members of the zodiac signs. Here’s how to run the organization, preparation and how to manage the signs that read here.

Taurus is called your society to a party at his sumptuous home. While dealing with preparations, somewhat sullenly he packed his blanket delaying it to the chair by the fireplace. There is denied access to others. From his basement provided a sufficient amount of local, superior wine (only he remembers vintage year).

Raka was hired to eat, because the Taurus will be pre taster to assume the role.

All the time he showed up Didymus, as the mobile, as on Facebook, with many questions. He is also tasked to gather the whole of society. God forbid that someone does not forget.

Capricorn is a large business obligations and arguably his presence.

Aquarius does not miss any chance of eventual spectacle. She is responsible for the fireworks and other pyrotechnics.

December 31 evening, the first at the door appears Aries, disappointed that the party has not already begun. He will be pleasant for some severely, because after training he was full of energy.

Libra was all the time in doubt what to wear and is quite tense arrived accompanied by the Twins, but was not sure if he should decide to Scorpio.

Shortly before midnight Ribe appear at the door, with the excuse that it was almost Disable the. One drink at the ex, but to greet others.

The Company is together and they are all more or less drunk, each according to its capacity.

Twin embarked on a fling with Taurus and Scorpio changes color and continues to drink from the bottle now.

Sagittarius is Viber with foreign friends who is from another time zone, contracted almost visitation.

Virgo drinking a martini all night, watching from a distance security situation. He knew exactly when he drank and ate much.

Cancer in an embrace with a lion, crying on his shoulder and recalled some better times. Leo is the star of the evening.

Capricorn, who managed to postpone an important business project, looking at the clock and counting down the seconds.
Midnight strikes, the real party starts now!