ASTRO phobias: Aries knows no fear, and it shows no Didymus

What kind of relationship have the signs of the zodiac and how to behave in dangerous situations, discover now.


If there is some kind of fear, at the Ram would be, perhaps, the fear of loneliness. Members of this sign are adrenaline addicts and accept life in a package with risks. Aries does not exhibit understanding for other people’s phobias, because it is the term absolutes page.


Although a stable and strong character, Taurus who never shows weakness, it will be eerily startled at the thought of the money. Care lack of material resources, and destabilize escapes his footing. Fear of losing material for it takes the form of paranoid.


He’s afraid that some accident, not be placed in a position that depends on someone. For twins would be equally upsetting that his fate is tied to one place and one person. He will not admit their fears that someone would not be manipulated by them.


This fragile and frightened creatures, prefer to crawl into your sleeve rather than be exposed to any risky life situation. Cancer is always under some concerns. Terrified by the thought of the disease – whether he or his immediate.


Fear of losing the position is so pronounced that Leo is able to host a dramatic scene. Also, horrified at the thought that someone could laugh and jeopardize his social status. For him, the loss of honor and dignity was very traumatic.


Virgo is not afraid of the disease so much of it that they will lose control of themselves and their own lives. Do madness led to think if something like that could disrupt her habit and settled a row that it adheres. Any deviation causes panic attacks.


Libra is in the panic and fear that will leave an impression on the environment. God forbid someone does not like someone and cause ridicule. Fears also that one could learn that she and her life is not holding strictly controlled as usual presents.


Although a little afraid of what I know how to suffer pain, and it has its drawbacks. Scorpio is terrified of old age and the loss of interest from the opposite sex. Most of the fears that a loved one might be unfaithful. This is something that is completely killed him.


Capricorn is afraid of violence and injustice, both in their environment, and global level. However, a paranoid fear would cause if he by any chance was confiscated passport. Deny them the trip would mean that he is deprived of life.


Capricorn is afraid of everything that is unknown or that comes from other areas. As the largest traditionalist, he is suspicious of innovation. Capricorn is also afraid of the occult and paranormal phenomena. Will avoid any discussion on the subject.


This sign abhors mediocrity and mediocrity. I really would have been crushed by grief when one Aquarius experienced a situation ” but he is no ”. The loss of a pet is to completely broke. If you have some phobia, they can be quite uncommon.


The fish are most afraid of being caught in a lie. Because their whole lives in the illusion that they convince themselves, coping with the reality of them would cause schizophrenic attacks.