ASTRO PREDICTIONS February, month, hopes, expectations, and disappointments

New Sunday to start soon, and with it the new month. Let’s look at the planetary shadow that allow us guidance. Mars is in the grip of fish, while Mercury retrograde walking sailing – emotions break the hardest stones, and some stories are repeated. 28 days that follow provide opportunities especially for those who choose to light emphasize the strategic mix of inspiration, originality and independence.

Who can expect happiness in acquiring the material and financial benefit?

The twins were born between 9.6.-17.6.

Libra born between 11.10.-10.19.

Aquarians born between 7.2.a-15.2.

The lions were born 8.8. and 9.8.

Rams born 6.4. and 7.4.

Shooters born 12.08. and 9:12.

Once achieved positive results through a “coincidence” that provide a solution?
Crabs born 26.6. do1.7.

Scorpio born of 28.10. to 2.11.

Bulls born from 25.4. to 30.4.

Capricorns born of 26.12. to 31.12.

Who should be wary of any “accident” resulting in a hurry? Also, when you can find a huge dilemma, or to experience a kind of “weakness” in the psychological sense?
The twins were born 26.5. 31.5.

Device born 28.8. to 2.9.

Shooters born of 27.11. to 2.12.

Fish was born 24.2. to 1.3.

Ovnivi born 10.4. 15.4.

Crabs born from 12.7 to 17.7.

Scales born from 13.10 to 18.10.

Capricorns born 10.1. to 15.1.

Who can hope for new beginnings with positive results?
The twins were born about 21.5.

Scales born about 23.9.

Aquarians born about 20.1.

Rams born around 21.3.

The lions were born around 23.7.

Shooters born 11.22.

Capricorns born around 19.1.

Bulls born around 20.5.

Device born about 22.9.

Crabs born around 22.7.

Scorpio born 21.11.

Fish born about 20.3.

Who can expect time of new beginnings, but with the changes and necessary adjustments?
Bulls born around 20.4.

Scorpio born around 23:10.

Rams born around 19.4.

Scales born 10.22.

Wrong? Check in time …