ASTRO PREDICTIONS: New year – new hopes (astrology)

With the New Year, come to us and new expectations. Here we provide a general review in 2021 and what it brings us. At the same time this is called an introduction that we publish on a daily basis individually for each sign of the zodiac. Learn how next year in favor of whom the various fields of life

We’ll start with those poorer aspects, such as eclipses that sleduje March 20th in Pisces and a partial eclipse, 13 September in Virgo. It is good that no one will be accompanied by bad aspects as much as the previous year. Two planets are serious quarrel, Pluto and Uranus, and therefore we are facing a period of great changes on a personal and global level. Neptune in Pisces and we continue to call to get in touch with our spiritual side and rely more on their own intuition.

The media placed the picture quickly earned money, instant romance, fame and success, however, New Year sends a message to us that life is a journey filled with challenges and obstacles that encourage us to find out what we’re woven and who we really are.
Jupiter will continue to provide opportunities for education to those who want it all the way to June. Triad between the planets and learn Satrurna will bring changes in the second half of the year and this will require a serious approach on certain plans.

Scorpio will finally a little relief from the heavy influence of Saturn, while the shooters suffer a bit more responsibility forthcoming period.

This year is the year of Aries and includes action in any way. If you take into account that Jupiter is in the field of love and children, this year many families can bring expansion, expansion of love, while at the global level involves raising the birth rate and a slightly better sociological treatment.
Happy New Year to us.