ASTRO PUZZLE: Aries and Cancer, only in the ring

When anyone with best compliments and what are the chances the signs for the partner, business and friendly relations, we reveal.


Temperamental and explosive nature, Cancer would function with Scorpio in a friendly embodiment. With Střelci share common interests and ideas of Aquarius implemented in part.

He has no understanding of the delicate feelings of Cancer and Capricorn, for it is too slow.


As mentioned above, one of the most harmonious pairs make up the zodiac Taurus and Scorpio. Contributors to this sign could be Virgo and Capricorn. Fish and crabs are like him sensibility. The discrepancy is possible with Gemini on account of their instability, and the Aquarius has a complete lack of understanding.


As a sign of where the communication is of great importance, Didymus in this area is experiencing the best connections with Sagittarius and Aquarius. Scales can be perfect for the partnership, while Taurus simultaneously attracts and repels. More expressed a fear of authority. Lions tend to become a great enemy.


With the bulls have a harmonious relationship and mutual understanding with the fish share similar feelings, Scales they do not inspire much confidence. Cancer compared with Aries in any field is impossible.


With proud Leo should be found in the duel. Hardly anyone can match him except Aries. Hence the rivalry between these two characters. Compatible signs are Sagittarius with which it has similar aspects and scale with which it shares the same goals in life.


Virgo works with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius. People should tune their adapters very precisely in order to be able to communicate remotely.


Libra is communicative and less compatible with the signs of the zodiac. With Taurus, because of the common ruling planet, parts of the drive to art righteous is like Scorpio, likes freedom as Gemini and Sagittarius. Aries may seem too rough for her sophisticated taste.


With Taurus shares many common features. With Aries have misunderstood each other and similar ideas. With Pisces achieved telepathic relationship stronger with excellent cooperation. Virgo is the sign of a passionate Scorpio absolutely can not understand.


Leo, Aries and Aquarius are friends ready for action. Whoever is static, Sagittarius can not answer. Just freedoms and actions is something that Taurus can not understand. Possessiveness scorpion to kill the spirit of the members of this sign.


If Capricorn understand the business sphere, then it is a friendship for life. Compatible signs are, therefore, Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo. Pisces I opened the door of good interpersonal relationships. In the area of ​​intimacy are not welcome Aquarius and Leo who prenapadan for a modest taste of Capricorn.


Complete freedom and independence are the characteristics of Aquarius, so understanding among the similar: Aries, Taurus and Gemini. It can not be reconciled with the views of Taurus and Leo authority.


With Pisces everyone feels comfortable, but her sensibility does not tolerate anyone, except that she did not dare to express. Device for her too rational, too self-centered Lions, and Aquarius too specific. Her nature best suited to Libra and Taurus.