ASTRO RAK: Relationship of Cancer with the other zodiac signs-Cancer is a water sign, ruler of the lake from the traditional form of static!

Cancer is a water sign, ruler lake static in traditional form. Keep up family values ​​and does not suffer changes. His homeland is the source of its energy.


At first glance, it’s clear that you do not have what you talked about. The junction of two typical representatives of the two characters is almost impossible. Two incompatible emotional energy of the moon and Mars belligerent. Cancer is still needed more attention and understanding, and Aries is to complete unknowns.

This is very consistent and harmonious combination. In addition to the complete understanding and attention to the bilateral level, Raku needed just such a sympathetic partner. However, the Taurus is not always in the mood to understand the Tropic groundless tears. On the other hand, both partners carefully and carefully nurture their relationship. A combination that may take.

Cancer and Gemini
Raku is necessary attention and demonstrate the continuity of emotion in that one Gemini makes quite a burden. This combination may take as long as there is a physical attraction, then disappears as if it never existed. When an interruption occurs, it is not advisable to back up, although both sign it prone.

Of course, we are talking about compliance. However, although this pair perfectly understands, there is a risk that influence each other destructively, and do not support each other to move forward. They are compatible, but the couple can hardly make progress in any area of ​​life.

This pair has a tendency to survive provided that Lav “wears the pants”. In this case the cancer naturally seek protection of his partner, and Leo has to satisfaction. Such couples are an example of harmony and reconciliation male-female principle. Rarely is this combination to find, but when you combine it is the ideal relationship.

Emotion and ratio. Yes and no, black and white, the sky and the earth. Here is dominated by the energy supplement, and it is necessary to have insight into the apparent contradiction. If you would undergo psychoanalysis, both characters reveal a lot from the depths of the subconscious. However, consider that this is a double-edged sword.

At the first meeting, it was obvious mutual attraction. However, this sympathy does not last long because soon come to the conclusion that their attitudes and views in complete contradiction. Everything would be in perfect harmony when cancer at some point not revealed his aspirations for full membership in the inertia that a Vagi threatens freedom.

This astrological combination is a hit. Two water signs that emotion rises to a higher level. Cancer does not encourage Škorpijnu jealousy and therefore this combination synonymous with grace and harmony. Their sensibility is at the same frequency, as well as in the sexual sense are unsurpassed.

Not at all! This is the story of two different, irreconcilable sensibility. Reminiscent of the sado-masochistic relationship. Cancer is the guardian of tradition attached to family values ​​while Sagittarius pulling distance and discovering new horizons. It is easy to separate from the family and continue on your way. It is still difficult for Raka story.

The perfect business relationship, but nothing more than that. Capricorn is too focused on business success realize their ambitions, there is not enough time to devote crustaceans needs. However, if one feels the emotion that’s exactly Capricorn. Skin Cancer and attracted to him, he makes an ideal choice, but he has cancer, do not experience this compound.

Everyone has their own life principles for which it is difficult to decide on further meetings and the affair. However, Aquarius flattered to have beside him dashing and charming partner who has refined manners. But that would be all from this relationship. Prior to survive friendly ties between them.

This combination is one of the best. Cancer fulfill all the dreams of a sentimental Pisces. There is a fantastic harmony in terms of the psychological and emotional impact on the quality of romantic relationships. It was pointed out that both in its element water, after a psychological description phlegmatic, emotional and warm means. Nothing is accidental and usually takes place at the first meeting, a large mutual distance register each other, then mutual emitujetu those warm emotional signals.