ASTRO reveals: Where the Moon, there lives my soul

It is unlikely that we will find a person who does not know what zodiac sign, where the sun. If the Sun symbolizes our life and his father, the moon controls our emotions and symbol of the mother. He wears a crucial role in one’s horoscope. In women’s horoscope, he also takes on the role of the sign of the zodiac at the moment when you realize as a parent.

Moon in Aries

This Month exhibits capricious character. Leaves nothing to chance and his motto is’ ‘now now’. People with this position of the Month exhibit a fiery passion. Some would say that people with Moon in Aries enjoy the problems and conflicts, but they have a lot of ups and downs in your emotional life. So intense relationship points to the possibility of a series of superficial connections and sympathies.

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus is very romantic. With this position, his feelings are strong and deep. They enjoy the attention the documentary nature, a conservative line knows how to express the dose of jealousy. Relationships with people who have thus laid the moon are mostly long-term. Their needs are strong, but at the same time very unique.

Moon in Gemini

It usually brings very charming and witty person, but know how to be very tense and irritable. They are very well-read and a lot of talking. They always need other incentives. They require that you understand their feelings and tend to their analysis by exhausting the limit.


Here we find a natural set Month. This position requires security and closeness. This peaceful soul does not recognize the shallowness in any of its forms. Moon in Cancer will use alternative routes to keep your attention. I can not endure the emotional pain more than anyone.

Moon in Leo

This Month definitely has to be a condition in the center of attention at any cost. Women with this moon often have a blue color-treated hair, lots of make-up at all times, in a word, breathtaking. Men are the main speakers in the society and they usually wardrobe must firmirana. How have the ‘big heart’, so they become a mortal enemy if touch the question of their vanity.

moon in Virgo

Emotions are rationalized. With the position of the Moon in Virgo, do not expect too much passion and initiative. Very calculated manipulation of feelings. The benefit of any nature is dominant here. They just know their limits. They are very rigid in the expression of love. Calculus is the key term here.

the Moon in Libra

It has a strong need for partnerships. Very often people with Moon in Libra extremely young spouses. Can act very attractive to the eye, winning his gentle and refined way. Living with people who have such a position, it can act as an eternal courtroom. They have a constant striving for perfekcinizmom relationship but not so rare that they are often disaffected and critically oriented.

Moon in Scorpio

While someone enough comfort and security in material things, Moon in Scorpio emotional intensity required. They see beyond the facade and in other’ll wreck all that would touch the heart. Most have a very powerful intense emotional relationships. They also have a strong fear of betrayal and unswerving commitment to partners. The possessive.

Moon in Sagittarius

More than anything, Moon in Sagittarius has a need for personal freedom and space. At the same time they need to be active, meet new people, going out and traveling. On the one hand, are somewhat emotionally immature and irresponsible. They simply believe that everything will work out itself.

Moon in Capricorn

Very cold attitude. The problem with expressing and showing emotion accompanies a person with the Moon in Capricorn. Pre will be paid to the situation in your bank account rather than paying attention to emotional life. Here emotions are kept under strict supervision and control.

Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius people are intuitive and perceptive to feel the needs of others. From extreme love to gain. Are unusual in nature, but are often incomprehensible to others. Although very sociable often lonely at heart. Do not recognize the irrational emotions such as jealousy and possessiveness. Their kindness and humanity is global rather than on a personal level. Here we find the great visionaries and humanitarians who are struggling against conservative attitudes, and injustice.


In the case of contact with reality is sometimes lost. They can easily drown in other people’s suffering and experiencing things deeply. I like a movie that has a place, move on to the next role. Moon in Pisces can accomplish many emotional relationships throughout life. Generally have a soft heart and are therefore very timid but out of fear the only way for them to escape.