ASTRO SAN When to exercise the desire, where each of the characters found?

If the good fairy or goldfish fulfilled wishes, here’s where to find and what would become the horoscope signs.


Aries was given pride of place in the Masonic lodge. He dictates the world, promotes a healthy lifestyle as a vegan diet. Power flourishes and power rolls the logs – motto. If you snap a nuclear power plant … will be an experimentally.

Roman Empire. Taurus is “executed” Caesar from the throne and took his ottoman. Now enjoy all the blessings of hedonism and luxury. Finally can eat in bed, and that the mother does not warn.

The twins were happiest when God created languages, as punishment for the construction of the Tower of Babel. Instantly become the interpreters and founded a number of call centers worldwide.

Cancer settled in the neighborhood Brigitte Bardot and founded his own asylum for abandoned animals. As his business gains scale, it adopts abandoned children who help him, and all live as one happy family.

Leo is stationed in El Dorado. It is satisfied with all that gold that glitters, as well as the status of the head.

Virgin took place butt in the world organization for the protection of the environment and ecology. Smokers have long extinct creatures, cars finally working on biodiesel. Its mission is achieved.

Libra has become synonymous with the fashion industry. Every day – a new makeup and new clothes. Therefore, the scale has become zorann.

As manager of Alcatraz, Scorpio reveals the mystery of the three convicts escape. Founded the chain in prison around the world and mercilessly punish prisoners.

Having toured all over the planet Earth, leased the land on Jupiter, in the hope that evolution will reach the level of adaptation to climate Jovian.


Tibet is the meeting place of Capricorn and the Tropic only. Life under strict rules, centuries of tradition and discipline that can not manage ordinary horoscope signs. This is the life of Capricorn.

Aquarius lives Matrix story. It is in fact Neo and fulfills the mission that befits this sign.

The underwater world of Atlantis is a place only known Ribe. The real truth of this island will never reveal to anyone.