ASTRO: Scorpio out of crisis period (astrology)

During this year could revive their ambitions. You left out a very bad period and is now experiencing a rebirth. Turn around behind him and look at the ruin, in front of you is a clear space for new achievements. Saturn left your mark. In the middle of the year will only return once again to determine, but is mastered, material. Time to be rewarded for the hard work which is lacking attention in the past. Dedicate yourself to your family and friends because it’s the most precious thing in life.


Your professional life will be important this year. Certainly you are guaranteed success if you worked hard prior period. It is time to reap. You will build new contacts in this field. Compatibility with superiors and colleagues will be better. If you are artistically minded, the perfect time to bring up your work to light. Others could serve as inspiration. However, the uncertainty has not left you fully and self-confidence will need a little more time to get back to you.


During 2021, your emotional life will be more exciting than in previous years. Big changes ahead, and this is the time when you can show the true face of the partnership. Humility and Honesty always works in your relationships. This will now make it clear. However, compromise and keep attuned to the needs and desires of partners. Good communication will break every form of misconceptions in the relationship. Long-term plans will materialize. However, be sure that your wishes and suggestions to generate links that you are starting out. Do not give undue importance of the possible whims of others, you have your way.


Count on inflows and outflows at the same time. Set a limit, because the period over which you passed was not great, but do not relax too much. Only now will settle some debts and obligations. This is no time for additional costs and do not abandon yourself to temptation. Only toward the end of the year you can rely on the generosity of Jupiter.


Year begins maximum enthusiasm, but the middle you can feel the lack of energy. Do not bother too much on the business field because it can bring anxiety. The second half of the year promises stability. Refunded vitality and you will have enough time to devote itself in a physical sense.


For recent period ahead very favorable during the year. Harmony and prosperity will reign in your home. However, there is still one event that could disrupt the balance and a good vibe, but it’s temporary. This refers to the Saturn return and nothing will happen unexpectedly. Remember, the bad period is behind you.


Budget travel period. You can go on long routes with family members or close friends.