ASTRO Scorpio: Scorpio as compared with other signs of the zodiac Scorpio-Sa is the perfect solar eclipse seen together!

With Scorpio is ideal to observe the solar eclipse together. With her free to play games, flirt and retreat to. This watermark Government passion.

Scorpio and Aries

There is a strong sexual and emotional compatibility. However, there are naturally a mutually very tense. Buran relationship with frictions, makes this passionate relationship. The combination of Aries – Aries is one of the more enduring relationships.

It has already been said many times that this is the perfect combination. Of the 144 possible, this is ideal in the Zodiac. And the emotional and sexual level here is ruled by harmony and concord. Taurus and Scorpio have the same preferences and goals.

Scorpio and Gemini
You live on completely different planets. Both characters have the ability to read people, on opposite ways, but that’s as old comics reject. While the Twin Towers Scorpio confuses her secrecy, thus accelerating their libido. However, it is difficult to withstand the pressure to Byzantium Škorpijske possessiveness and jealousy that systematically develops during the connection.

This astrological combination is a hit. Two water signs that emotion rises to a higher level. Cancer does not encourage Škorpijnu jealousy and therefore this combination synonymous with grace and harmony. Their sensibility is at the same frequency, as well as in the sexual sense are unsurpassed.

Scorpio and Leo
It is difficult to achieve long-term relationship between these two characters. Yes, passion, certainly, but what next? Unadjusted life attitudes and principles can be serious pressure on this link. Also, there is a power struggle. Leo likes authoritative role, and Scorpio, this kind of “loop” does not match.

Scorpio and Virgo
Excessive aggressiveness and direct access Scorpio style is not acceptable behavior for a humbly Virgin. On the other hand, Leo could not happy sexually passionate Scorpio who likes experimental games in this field. From the viewpoint of Scorpio is too perverse-minded.

Scorpio and Libra
While Taurus yearns for passionate moments and melodrama, Libra seeks family peace and harmony. Initial attraction was strong, but unfortunately is not long-term.

Here sex is erotic to the limit. Konunikacija is supernaturally good. In a word, almost, a perfect combination. However, if an ounce Sumne or desire to dominate, your life becomes, to put it mildly, hell. There is no end to intolerable psychological pressure.

While complicated and tajanstevena Scorpio, Sagittarius is straightforward and isktren. The combination of water and fire does not experience merge. Here is the mission of the merger from the start doomed to failure.

Scorpio and Capricorn
If anyone can wake up passions cool Capricorn then it’s Aquarius. However, Scorpio while missing much. Here is featured a variation of hot and cold shower, or without foundation and tensions that Scorpion’s starter.

Scorpio and Aquarius
Here is a volatile mix. Scorpio is preoccupied deep emotions, Gemini own ideas. Joint operation is possible, but when de Škorpijna overcome possessiveness and Vodolijna independence.

Common to them is that they are both signs is very intuitive and emotional. Scorpio craves magic and Fish can afford. Scorpio better cope with the real thing as opposed to slumbering illusionist – Fish.