ASTRO SELEBRITI: Most statesman was born under the sign of Leo. Coincidence? Maybe the stars are giving away power …..

How astrology is accepted, to know those who are even remotely touched its essence. Only a complete lack of interest in disputing its credibility. It is not unknown that dates back to ancient Egypt, and that it is the time individuals used to predict weather conditions and events. All pharaohs and great leaders were advisers to their personal astrologers. Even today, the situation is not different. Many političarti seek advice on astrological consultation, but in modern times it works secretly. However, you will discover a personal horoscope two great statesmen.

Vladimir Putin

President of the Russian Federation, was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad. He is a Libra Ascendant Scorpio, a compound that can be described by the phrase “iron fist in a velvet glove”. Many do not hope that Russia will rise from the ashes, but Scorpio ascendant ruled by the planet Pluto has the power of regeneration and resuscitation. Same planet, there is a box in their career and the success it brings a lot of power. Pluto is in Leo, which contributes a huge impact on the masses. With this setting, the administration the high position is more than guaranteed. But what Pluto can cause danger and large fluctuations, but who survives will tell …

What is fascinating here is the dominance of the 12 fields that represent our horoscopes secrets and hidden actions. In this case, it suggests that Vladimir Putin is eligible to play a spy or secret agent, a sense of fear on his high tolerance.

With Saturn in Libra This is a decisive and uncompromising righteous man. He just will not leave anything to chance. A planet to say, this is a person with very powerful enemies. However, Putin is a great player and always a few steps isperd its competitors.

Barack Obama

Born on 4 August 1961 in Hawaii. Zodiac Leo Ascendant Aquarius, this person gives a controversial note. The lion that has excessive appetites for power and authority, and on the other side of Aquarius that seeks unconventional attitude and freedom of creation. Barack Obama would be, according to the stars, successful artist before leading world powers. When we add to the moon, who manages emotions, and this is in Gemini, Obama would have to have behind him a very powerful adviser. He could be just a puppet that was placed just to mask the image of racism, to pose before obejktivima and fluently speaks what he had prepared in advance.

This is also emphasized by the sign of Scorpio dominant 7. field – the field to the public. Suicide power gives this man a success at any cost. I emphasize that politicians who have thus positioned Pluto (the god of hell) often fail and that the unpleasant way.
When you make a summary, this is a completely apolitical horoscope and this person must have a broker (instructors) in this type of activity.

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