ASTRO SEX: How after us … (astrology)

How will treat you and rituals that are signs of the zodiac after sex, you discover.


“Can I take you home?” the first is that Aries will offer. For romance and gentle kissing after sex does not count. He very act of sex is a part of sports activities, and deserved shower and a protein shake. They’ll call you the next day to schedule the next appointment.


After having sex in which he enjoyed Taurus, will jump straight to the refrigerator to replace the lost calories. Do not touch him in the process, because the know how to be nasty when they fall sugar, but it usually happens after a marathon relations. He’ll be back soon to restore the material.


When you meet your sexual needs, I’ll get that looked remotely football pools or will remember that it is not checked emails. Then to make calls, it is possible not to notice how you are already half way to his home.


After making love, Crabs are able to still spend twice as much time to pat and exchange passionate kisses. Do not take for granted if you flashed someone “I love you” after sex, it’s just a momentary emotion. In these moments, they really feel they belong.


I am the best. Point. After sex Leo is confirmed once again in front of him. And when you take away contraction of the biceps in the mirror, run off to the local cafe with friends to share their experience. Because, you know, never even happened.


This is yours, and this is my towel – I’ll tell you after sex Virgo. Give to her bathroom and reckon it will stay there until further notice. Take the opportunity during that time to tighten linens on the bed, because the quality of your relationship can not depend on it.


After višečasnovnog sex, Libra will be thinking, “Now what?” It was memorable, but it is not clear whether he wants relationship or just casual meetings. Not even sure what you want from offered. And what if you do not think about it?


How do we learn that the members of this sign sex primary sentence of life priorities, it is clear that after sex Sex sleduje again. If her answer in this segment, will not easily let you out of her life.


“I’ll call you” after the sentence is entitled intimate relationship is better than: “See you in these days.”
Sagittarius does not stay long in one place and do not allow you to be the definition of eternity, but be yourself initiator departure. So you are more likely to keep it with you … At least for a while.


If it was sex you will leave a business card and offer cooperation. Joking aside, Capricorns know how to be good lovers, or business relationships do not expect to encounter any kind of compassion. The ice face leaves doubt what impression you left on it.


After sex, you can stay with Aquarius, but only if you sleep in separate rooms. Do not limit and does not apply / expect series of template procedures after intercourse. You can count on surprises.


When you enter the sixth dimension after the intimate union, leave the fish to sleep. If you spoke to a different name, do not mind, who else pronikao in their psyche. Are you going to see her tomorrow? Nobody has deciphered the secret pyramid formation.