ASTRO SEX: This is what your birth MONTH talk about what you’re in bed

Are people born in February less ardent than those who were born in the summer months? Get the best sign that “work” in bed.

Astrologer Suzi Kerr argues that there is a serious link between the month in which you were born and your sexuality, says Cosmopolitan.


People born in January are definitely the most perverse. Will constantly invent new games in bed.


People born in February have a lot of passion, but it is necessary to partner a lot of effort to make them “activated”. To attract their attention and activate their sexual energy, you need to constantly turn their attention because they are constantly preoccupied with important world issues.


Martovski people love sex. They are born for sexual marathons. They like to completely surrender to your partner. They partner with them unexplored reaches spiritual levels of sex.


People born in April are very passionate. Sex with them was intense and passionate. This is understandable because they are ruled by Mars. What is characteristic of these people is that they are prone to promiscuity. Do not keep them long passion for one person.


If you were born in May, like soft and comfortable sex. You actually like sex as such. Those born in May, taking care of the environment. You could say that sex rise to a higher level. Instinctively sex them away.


People born under this sign will try to test every possible pose in sex because they want to know everything about everything. If you fell that someone during sex talk all sorts of insolence, disconnect from people born in June.


People born in July can not have sex without deep emotion. They-needed security. Once you gain the trust of the partners, will do everything to meet him.


If your partner was born in August, you know that it can be either a cheapskate or very velikudašan sex. Those born in the August prefer that their partner has what they want. They do not like being told what to do during sex because their ego is too prominent. You can easily hurt the most benign statement.


If you were born in September, it means that you are passionate but also to love control. Above all it is important that you hold the strings in his hands. The partners of persons born in September should be a lot of effort to bring them to the summit because the children are left free September difficult passions, their emotions are more important.


They are true romantics. They like to flirt and to lord it over your partner. In the long run have a problem with a lack of passion, which will compensate for courtship. To the left you have to wait.


People born in November masters passions. Seduction is an integral part of their sexuality. If not, it will be difficult to happen explosion of passion. Will test every position only to be told that “it” done.


Want a deep emotional connection? Stay away from them. People born in December like to play and, as such, are perhaps the most creative. They love to pretend and act. With them you will never be bored in bed.