ASTRO: Sign of the Zodiac man reveals how to seduce him! Certainly every lady has her tricks to seduce men!

Certainly every lady has her tricks to seduce men, but if you do not know a good man you caught the eye, maybe you in how to help him attract the attention of the astro-guide to courtship. Get his character and who knows – maybe in this and there is some truth!


Aries is the man who must feel special, and only wants to be the center of its world partners, current or potential. So gledaajte him in the eye, there is a tap on the phone and ask intelligent questions.


Taurus is the sign of a very keen senses, and has its little secrets – like women that smell like vanilla, which are cared for and have beautiful hair. The recipe for winning is not too complicated.


The twins still fall on women that can hold an interesting conversation with irreverent remarks, and likes when his friends admire the intelligence of his partner.


Cancer is actually quite gentle soul, Despite the stubbornness, as required kind and loving wife to be a safe haven for him. If you are a motherly type, show emotions and yours.


Leo is a little more difficult case, because of your ego does not see much around. However, women are constantly looking, and his eye will sing intelligent woman and attractive at the same time, which necessarily must have a sense of humor.


Virgo does not switch on too many sexy women, but his main interest the desire, motivation and serenity. However, if one button undone too, that’s what will attract his eye.


Libra loves women with the clear style of dress and behavior, which does not have to be a designer or as you come down the runway. The main challenge is to recognize your desire to be noticed.


Scorpio knows that love is magic, but from your partner wants to at any time showing all the charm of femininity has. It must seduce always constant.


Sagittarius is a sign that likes to play, chase and capture, so if you are too easy to catch, he will surely soon give up and continue their search for the unattainable. If you behave as if you are single and do not share your love like that, I’ll run for you.


Capricorn is a traditional man seeking women who will fit in with his image of the world, which in short means that asking a woman who will love his mother and friends.


Aquarius is the sign that is difficult to understand because his boundaries between love and friendship is very vague, so you never know where they actually are. It is best to first become friends with Aquarius, then anything is possible.

A fish

Fishes are looking for women who will fit in with its intricate design world, a mixture of fantasy and reality that only he knows. Good synchronicity it attracted only when expressed no pressure to take new steps in this regard.