ASTRO-ŠIŠKA in what constellation you hair? If you are bored with advice of hairdressers, listen to the stars!

You been trained to choose for themselves adequate hairstyle – according to face shape, hair type, to the eyes and skin … With the good advice of professionals, your hair shines and catches the eye.

However, did you know that you zodiac sign can help in choosing the perfect hairstyle?

Rams adorned with thick hair, often full of great curls. They love the vivid colors and something more dramatic shades. Sometimes they are impractical, so do not even ask whether a hairstyle easy to maintain, but the salon come out frustrated with a frieze that does not suit their hair type. Make sure that your main asset being curls – Look after them and play with them using different styles hairstyles.

Practical and stylish bulls in favor of the traditional colors and hairstyles that are easy to maintain. Rigorous and tidy haircut that looks good when it is a bit messy their dream. They can not explain the hairdresser styling that their best and not at all wrong.

Unusual hairstyles and stajlinzi favorite celebrities often adorned with twins. They will do anything to have a hairdo like the favorite actress, even if i have two hours every morning to spend in the bathroom. Opt for a unique hair color after which it will all be recognized.

Women CRABS prefer simple and feminine hairstyles. One of their favorites is long and straight hair or those with soft curls. Excellent im standing and classic ponytail with a few menacing strands hanging from the side. Although you do not like the changes you should try a different brand, the pride of your hair, which will show you in a whole new light.

LAVICE adorned with thick, strong and unruly hair. Regardless of color and hairstyle, the universe can be identified by lush hair. Their hairstyles carries a personal touch. For them, we have only advised to pay more attention to the apex and gently massaged after applying conditioner.

Neat and conservative haircuts can be seen in perfectionist Virgo. Bob haircut to her shoulders and long, straight hair are their trademark. We should stick to their style and to avoid short hairstyles. Occasionally it would be good to treat yourself keratin treatment.

It is elegant and sophisticated, it is Libra. Changing hairstyle from day to day, in accordance with the outfits – from sexy braids to strict high bun … should be more to experiment – a parting switch to the other side!

SCORPIO radiates sex appeal and power, and as soon get out of bed – looks great without much effort. For her, bind rich colors – maroon or blue highlights. They go from one extreme to another – from feminine hairstyle with curls to short hairstyles. The Council is – commit to hydrate hair.

Youthful hairstyle that is the fastest over the law of the shooters who lives for adventure. These ladies do not like to waste time on sorting out hair. Only it is important not to be afraid of change. Once you style your hair, let’s hold until you fall in love.

Capricorn likes a clean and modern look, traditional styles and colors suitable for the job. Practical they can easily improve personal style. However, you should play with opposites – Clip the long hair or short let it grow and enjoy new personality.

When changes appearance every now and trying out new trends, if not VODOLIJA who loves so much freedom! Weird, modern hairstyle completely unnatural colors is something in it you can often see. Is part of her personality, and her great standing. However, Leo needs to slow down and to look once more into the mirror.

FISH weak trends, likes long hair and hairstyles that do not require much effort. It is easy to persuade them to change, but if the result is not what they wanted, they can easily be upset. Allow hair to dry naturally, the rest of the hair dryer and rubbing with a towel.