ASTRO-SPA: How do you relax after a hard day? The stars advise you how best to relax ….

Lull in the morning, late for work, the way you snap heel or tears stockings, smudged you lipstick because it started to rain, then your boss scolds the delay, evil counterpart is mocking you because socks, clients Živke and complain, all wail, nobody is satisfied … then go to the break, call a boyfriend or husband, but he is in a crowd and you get rid of after 15 seconds … so the whole day goes to ruin. Nothing you do not go out of hand.

All this is to fix it, if you know how to relax. Astrologers you discover the best ways to relax, according to your zodiac sign.

RAM should release all the tension of some physical activity. Surely they will feel better and calmer after running or training.

BIK of a stressful day resting by all aside and wrapped in a cozy blanket and doze. Buy your favorite treat and care are all as if by magic.

GEMINI holiday overcrowded mind a good book. It focuses on something fun and positive to something else that makes you feel good.

A relaxing night at home is all that is needed CANCER after a hard day. Nest on the couch, get some popcorn and watch a favorite movie.

LAV need to find a way to express himself or through a creative project or through delegation to a friend. When you find a way to eliminate negative feelings, you will feel much better.

VIRGO will fix your day with a drink or dinner with friends. Allocate time for yourself, or just think about everything to reach conclusions and left everything behind.

SCALE will make of your spa bathroom. Provedšće evening enjoying the gentle baths, masks of porridge and editing – because it deserves!

Before you can really relax, Scorpio needs to release its energy. It would be best to go for a walk or relax with a glass of wine or a warm bath.

SCORER combines physical activity and the company of interesting people and very quickly relax. Pozovaće friends and the game story and jogging.

CAPRICORN going to give myself something that is just for him, whether it’s about a bunch of pastries, a massage or purchase new shoes.

Aquarius will find the favorite group of people and enjoy their company. Entertaining people will make you forget about the bad day and you’ll feel refreshed and positive.

FISH create a peaceful oasis for themselves by making light candles at home, turn off the cell phone. Printers, Meditate or just make some tea and relax. You need a peaceful environment to have managed to recover from a stressful day.