ASTRO SPY: We know what you’re doing on Facebook! Gemini and Aquarius are the most skilled in communication, Leo is on Facebook deals with personal promotion!

Gemini and Aquarius are the most skilled in communication, Leo is on Facebook deals with personal promotion. Discover how other symbols work on social networks.

Aries on social networks follows sports events. Among Friends has a bulky pages that promote the gym and other sports clubs. His photographs are casual or gym locker room, a physical definition can not be processed and Photoshop.

Taurus has chosen circle of friends that I personally know. To be engaged in conversation with strangers, you need to be pretty motivated. In his photographs you will find an inner circle of friends, and emotional status was not available for a wider audience.

When you open the home page of your Facebook, one of the first settings, you will certainly find the status or photo Gemini. Find out more images from all parties, night life and a few landscapes with occasional short trips. His photographs are by far the craziest comments. They have a huge number of friends and everyone is welcome to communicate. Like everything about them observed.

Crabs on Facebook maintain contact with near and around the family. Their photos are mainly still life motifs, glasses of wine and rich cuisine. Sometimes I can ‘smore’ sa snapshot of each meal that they prepared. In communication held to manners and do not engage in conversation with strangers.

When you have a picture dominated by rhinestones and glitter, know that you come across a profile of Lava. Each photo is labeled with their domination pose a serious commitment. Vigorously defend their bets comments, and the negative fiercely engage in discussion. Also, the number of friends is at a high level, with what most know personally.

If you have an account on Facebook, rarely occurs. Its status and albums with photographs, carefully selected in order of favoritism. Sometimes irritated some comments or statuses, although it does not concern her personally, knows how to grub way to express outrage and brought out a personal critical.

She is not sure whether she is interesting chat on social networks with a mild flirtation or live. Sometimes he likes to keep everything at the level poznastva behind the monitor. Libra fluctuated, sometimes on Facebook stays on day and night, and sometimes he has in months.

After explicit photographs and other content on Facebook will recognize Scorpio. Her photographs are provocative, or refer you to her once a derogatory comment on the same, he’ll regret it because “harsh words” without censorship, “We’ll blow” of his blood had already enemies.

If you want to look at photos of the “National Geographic” or looking for ideas for the holidays, visit the Facebook page of a Sagittarius. His friends are mostly foreigners, and maybe you can connect with nekimm but make a “friend suggestions”. In the photos is always the same person, but from different sides of the world and continents.

Not sure if you are on LinkedIn or Facebook? You are not mistaken, you’ve encountered the profile of Capricorn. Status almost no, timeline is full of Serov from some business conferences and courses to promote business in order to gain new business skills. Any kind of undue advertising inbox or comments will end on the block list.

King technology and computer skills. These are mostly hackers and their purpose is to network Facebook is at a higher level than simple self-promotion. Its mission is to examine all possible algorithms and introduce innovation. Aquarius says the group caused by the revolution and promote the new system.

If you enter into communication the first thing you should ask is, “Is this your photo?”. Fish often place the pictures of other people, because I do not want to expose their identity. Usually the motive selected profile photo sea or ocean. Their images are not clear, and in most cases can be discerned only outlines and contours. It is not rare to Fish, unprovoked, loss of communication without saying goodbye and announcements. They have multiple profiles.