ASTRO STIL for Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces: Ladies, be feminine and original

Today we discover astro style three last sign of the zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Short summary for those who have joined us:

The point is to express its nature, what is authentically ours, the best in the circumstances. When properly present its authentic nature, through its own phenomenon, visual appearance and lifestyle, then our personality captivates. We are able to attract people, opportunities and circumstances that have been with us a good combination. We we shine best when our phenomenon pure reflection of what we carry in ourselves.

To express its full potential in the vibratory level, which present their lifestyle, in the natal chart look at the position of the sun (zodiac sign), Venus, the moon, and ascendant (ascendant). In men, preference is given to Mars versus Venus, but it plays a significant role.

Perseverance and ambition are associated with this sign. Members of this sign, are practical, reliable and conventional. They love order and hierarchy. Their approach to life is serious.

Capricorn difficult to express their feelings, but it’s something you have to learn from the sign that is opposed to it, and that is cancer. Capricorn has much to offer, you just need to learn how.

Venus in Capricorn is a faithful, loyal and steadfast. He likes stability and security – what i wanted in a partner, and someone you can rely on. Cautious is realistic, diligent and disciplined. The ambitious and focused on the goal. Do not fall in love easily. Usually waiting for love; waiting to know how to repay, which can make sad.

As the older, more captivates with its beauty. Picture this Venus in literature is the Onegin Tatiana.

Venus in Capricorn may have people born under the sign of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

You know Venus in Capricorn: Svetlana Bojković (Sagittarius), Ivana Zigon (Aquarius), Scarlett Johansson (Sagittarius), Faye Dunaway (Capricorn), Cindy Crawford (Riba).

Cindy Crawford – Venus in Capricorn (Sun in Pisces); Photo: Ibzan 73

The words that best describe the style of Capricorn are: classic and simple, with the inevitable touch of conservatism.

Vole quality clothing, it is essential for them to take clothing (which is one of the characteristics of Capricorn). They do not like clothes that look cheap, but neither of those would give velki money for a piece.

With prominent sign of Capricorn in the natal chart (next to the sign, Venus and the Moon in Capricorn, or rising), the best choice would be a business style (aka. “Office look”), which fits into the symbolism of Capricorn, which is ambitious and dedicated work.

Jacket and pants cut has been reduced, with monochrome blouse would be an excellent choice.

Note accountability and simplicity exudes style dress.

Kate Moss – Sun in Capricorn; Photo: Walterlan Papetti
If you are not sure what to wear to a job interview or a formal occasion or event, please feel free to consult with a friend who has Venus, the Moon, or the Sun in Capricorn or Aquarius rising.

A typical representative of this style is the Kate Moss (Sun in Capricorn) whose clothing prevail simple suits, blouses, as well as subtle color.

Classical style of dress is also reflected in the choice of colors. The ideal choice would be black, gray, dark blue, or brown suits, tailored custom that exude elegance.

Im fit and olive green, and the color ink. They should avoid bright colors and eccentric and striking designs.

Nice them are classic materials such as tweed.

Capricorn rules the bones, including the bones of the head. Dame with Capricorn prominent in their Natale (or Saturn as its ruler) have nice cheekbones accented, that give them a special charm. The list included: Vanessa Paradis (Sun in Capricorn), Christy Turlington (Sun in Capricorn), Kate Moss (Sun in Capricorn), Faye Dunaway (Sun and Venus in Capricorn), Marlene Dietrich (Sun in Capricorn), Diane Keaton ( sun in Capricorn), Kate Middleton (sun in Capricorn), Melania Trump (Moon in Capricorn).

Melania Trump – Moon in Capricorn (Sun in Taurus); Photo: Marc Nozell
Is there a need for equity and equality. It is a sign of social justice, humanity and tolerance. He wants everyone to know and understand. Typical Aquarians are original, unusual, eccentric and sociable.

Fear of intimacy, Libra to mask forming a network of friends and paying something for the benefit of all. While dedicated to a higher purpose, he can neglect nearby. You must learn that directing attention to one person, may be more to learn about the people and to achieve real intimacy.

& Nbsp;

Venus in Aquarius gives naobičnu beauty and seductive charm. It is different, their. There is originality in style and performance, as well as modern artistic potential, primarily to the game.

The female will always inadvertently draw attention to himself with his style of dress; unconventionality, or paragraph, and the opinions on a particular topic. His personality attracted attention.

The love she needs mental stimulation. Partner, in addition to being a lover, it must be a friend. This Venus enjoys communicating and exchanging ideas with a partner.

Venus in Aquarius may have a person born under the sign of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries.

You know Venus in Aquarius: Zlata Petkovic (Aquarius), Spela Rozin (Aquarius), Sharon Stone (Fish), Kim Novak (Aquarius), Karolina Kurkova (Fish), Christy Turlington (Capricorn), Marlene Dietrich (Capricorn), Kate Moss ( Capricorn), Charlotte Rampling (Aquarius), Nina Simon (Fish), Mary Quant (Aquarius), Glenn Close (Fish), Yoko Ono (Aquarius), Elle McPherson (Aries).

Sharon Stone – Venus in Aquarius (Sun in Pisces), photo: Roland Godefroy
Spela Rozin, Slovenian actress in the film Strange Girl, plays a character who is the spitting image of Venus in Aquarius, and the title refers to this veneric. Film recommendations for all of Venus in Aquarius.


Main features vodolijanskog style would be: originality, boldness and gentle eccentricity.

Aquarians are not of those who form their own style based on what the majority of carries, but like to be different.

Due to their free spirit, unconventional and humanistic beliefs, fits their style and boho hippie chic.

They love to surprise, to be unique and that in every issue looks different.

His essential nature best expressed through turquoise and aquamarine color. These colors are also good to raise confidence in public speaking. Enhance expression, concentration and give clarity of thought. Turquoise color soothes and is good for emotional balance. It emphasizes empathy and sensitivity.

Lana Turner – Moon and Sun in Aquarius
Dresses, coats, blouses in shades of turquoise and aquamarine are the right choice for Aquarius.

What is characteristic of Aquarius (not just a sign, but rising, and Venus and Moon in Aquarius) is to know how to present fashion pieces that are ahead of their time. It often happens that what they carry, later becoming a trend. Due to its unmistakable sense, inadvertently becoming “trendsetters”.

Fashion accessory that emphasizes an Aquarian nature and authenticity are eyeglasses with strange and outstanding frames. One of Aquarius which are just such a fantastic frames, is the actress Danica Maksimovic.

Aquarius government circulation, ankles and lower part of the leg (knee), as members of this sign (as well as those with the Moon, Venus in Aquarius, and Ascendant) have shapely legs and like to stand out.

Fashion accessory, which can put emphasis on this part of the body are socks, thigh, and knee-high socks and unusual designs.

If a person has a combination of Aquarius and Pisces, socks are must-see fashion accessory that adds to their self-confidence and charm.

The list of Aquarius there are: Ivana Zigon (Sun in Aquarius), Jeanne Moreau (Sun and Moon in Aquarius), Lana Turner (Sun and Moon in Aquarius), Vanessa Redgrave (Sun in Aquarius), Marilyn Monroe (Moon in Aquarius) Vivian Li (Moon in Aquarius), Natali Imbrulja (Sun in Aquarius), Loren (Moon in Aquarius), Stages TATU (Moon in Aquarius), Šakira (Sun in Aquarius), Sandra Bullock (Moon in Aquarius), Uma Thurman (Moon in Aquarius).

Natali Imbrulja – Sun in Aquarius; Photo: Georges Biard
Motto Aries is “I believe.” Fish are the deepest and the purest faith; potentially, this is the biggest sign of spirituality.

Convenience is not their forte, but have a strong intuition. Excellent interpret body language and know how easily penetrate the feelings of other people.

They are very compassionate and sensitive, they can be a source of exceptional creativity.

Venus in Pisces is intoxicated with love and emotion. Extremely romantic. Vapi for sentimental enthusiasm.

A gentle, compassionate and intuitive. Extremely sensitive and easily vulnerable.

It has a pronounced artistic sensibility. This position of Venus with many artists, musicians, painters.

Venus in Pisces can have people born under the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus.

You know Venus in Pisces: Danica Maksimovic (Aquarius), Vesna Trivalić (Fish), Penelope Cruz (Taurus), Michelle Pfeiffer (Taurus), Ursula Andres (Fish), Rachel Weisz (Fish), Eva Herzigova (Fish), Maria Sharapova ( Aries), Diana Ross (RAM), Barbra Streisand (Taurus).

Michelle Pfeiffer – Venus in Pisces (Sun in Taurus); Photo: Towpilot

Aries represents the mythological siren level and style fish should evoke the symbolism.

Key features of the style and glamor of the imagination, especially when it comes to festive occasions. In such circumstances, typically as members of the character (as well as the moon and Venus in Pisces Fish and rising) that they overshadow all present.

Colors is authentic nature Fish are colors of the sea and ocean-sea green and blue, the color of shells, as well as lavender and turquoise.

For those who prefer something darker tones, good choices are purple and indigo blue.

Inevitable design are black and white stripes-famous sailor style.

Fish are the biggest dreamers of the zodiac, which is a credit to Neptune, who is the ruler of this sign.

Partly because of that, because of his artistic sensibility, they are threatened with clothing that does not restrict where i do not feel tight, it is called. “Pajama style” (sensual outfits that have a touch of relaxation) hit.

Members of this sign of the zodiac are true chameleons and therefore are able to adopt different fashion trends and intuition to help them make the right choice.

Pisces rules the feet, so pay special attention to this part of the body. They are threatened by foot and are big fans of shoes and socks. They had simply bewitched them, and they are often closet full of shoes and socks.

Ursula Andres – Venus in Pisces (Sun in Pisces)
Fish attracted attention with her hair. They are able to properly carry a variety of hair styles and trend to impose their appearance.

The list of fish are located and Olivera Katarina (Sun in Pisces), Snežana Savić (Sun in Pisces), Elizabeth Taylor (Sun in Pisces), Liza Minnelli (Sun in Pisces), Eva Longoria (Sun in Pisces), Cindy Crawford (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Rijana (Sun in Pisces), Jessica Bil (Sun in Pisces), Žiliijet Binoche (Sun in Pisces), Sharon Stone (Sun in Pisces), Eva Mendez (Sun in Pisces), Coco Chanel (Moon in Pisces), Grace Kelly (Moon in Pisces), Ava Gardner (Moon in Pisces), Audrey Hepburn (Moon in Pisces), Rita Hayworth (Moon in Pisces), Natalia Vodianova (sun in Pisces), Karolina Kurkova (sun in Pisces) .