ASTRO: Strong imminent impact energy of Aquarius brings changes and turbulent emotions

As the rule of Aquarius began on January 20, its influence began much earlier, because the rush of overcrowded planet and this period may be distinct for each of us. What could it mean?

Mercury and Venus are there to make a specific type of communication. What will testify? Course of love, I’ll tell Venus. However, in some situations go backwards, there is a tendency to go back to the old love, to renew some contacts from the past, or at least to feel a strong nostalgia for someone we have forgotten the path of life. May surprise some friends that might occur without notice. Sudden calls and communication via social networks will be in abundance.

When Mercury is in Aquarius, the majority of people, regardless of their weight marked by knowledge and is open to new and original ideas. We think outside the box, but our thoughts are becoming more progressive and objective. We will have the need to master some unusual information. We will be open to listen and absorb, but also to give their opinions.

However, there is a possibility that because of Mercury’s apparent movement backwards, losing or forgetting things.

It is not excluded and to be robbed. It is advisable also to the signing of important documents to be under strict control.

Going back to love. Some links will be tempted, because Taurus tends to despise freedom and restraint. It is the only compromise possible with imagination. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the emotions gush out like a volcanic eruption, some we can not control, and on the other we can expect some sudden outbursts.

Aquarius can be just as faithful and Capricorn, but on their own terms, and we will discuss with relatives on issues of freedom, spontaneity and violation of norms. It’s time to take off all shackles, expand horizons and release the rings. Do they understand that freedom is not the freedom to give, freedom is the freedom to have. That all tails leave the past where they belong, and give new things a chance, because they come in the form of surprises. When he opened the new store this energy of Aquarius will support him.