ASTRO superhero: Leo ruler of fire, Sagittarius lie detector … Virgo would be a human tornado, Scorpio pronicitelj soul, and you?

According to their character traits and affinities to each zodiac sign attributed to one superpower, Virgo would be a human tornado, Scorpio pronicitelj soul, and you?

RAM – unlimited energy
Members of this sign could easily be a superhero with special powers that be hiding in their infinite energy. This feature comes out as soon as you have a target who ardently want to achieve – it gives them the strength to move faster than a speeding bullet, skipped the building, do not sleep, do not eat – anything to get what they want.

BIK- supersnaga
Not said in vain “strong as an ox.” That members of this sign have only one power, it would definitely be supersnaga. It also refers to the physical and emotional order to face the challenges and cope with difficult situations better than all the other members of the zodiac. They are truly unbreakable.

Gemini – mental record
Members of this sign in the world of superheroes would be those that have the incredible ability to absorb vast amounts of information in an amazingly short period of time. Whether you read a newspaper, watch the people around them or learn something, their energy and mental capacity of the brain miracle.

RAK – the power of compassion
That members of this sign have one superpower, it would definitely be an incredible ability to empathize that it excels. They are able to comprehend and understand all human motives around, interact with each emotional state and establish a connection with every man, plants or animals on Earth.

LAV – the lord of fire
Their hot temperament coupled with power from the sun, the members of this sign in the world of superheroes could easily turn into masters of fire. They can create it out of nothing – if only a little angry, but also shut down at the same speed, flame protect their loved ones or showering enemies if you approach them.

VIRGO – human tornado
The speed and intensity that adorns the members of this sign as soon as they have a goal in mind, in the world of superheroes turned them into a human tornado. The ability of thinking five steps ahead, I can introduce confusion into their environment and “suck” them as a tornado, that went before he explained what he wanted, but rest assured that it got.

SCALE – changing shape
The members of this sign decorates a virtuous practical skills necessary – the power to adapt. As superheroes, they would be able to change the shape and adapt to any situation, environment or people. This power allows them to experience life through a variety of positions and shapes.

SCORPIO – pronicatelj soul
Members of this sign in the world superpowers would definitely have the skill to “read” other people’s souls. Thanks to his analytical skills, logical reasoning and perception skills, they’re better than any other sign of the zodiac can only looking at someone in the eyes penetrate feeling any pain, which is their goal, and they actually are.

SCORER – lie detector
The members of this sign adorns the ability of being very easy to ‘extracts’ the truth out of someone. Therefore, those in the world of superheroes were definitely human “lie detector”, but the truth would come thanks to the measurement of the pulse and the changes in the rhythm of breathing, but fine manipulations which seduce and force the caller if I betray his true intentions.

CAPRICORN – thought control
The members of this sign adorned with incredible mental energy and perseverance, thanks to which they can manage others and their decisions. So they were in a world of superheroes controllers thinks that careful tactics ” fed ” people’s ideas into the brain into thinking that their own and carry out the will of Capricorn in the work.

AQUARIUS – dwindling
Members of this sign to the world’s superpowers were those heroes that can easily become invisible. Their ability disappearance of situations that do not suit them is stunning – not only physically, but also mentally. Such absences ability allows them to “fly around” the world and meet different people and go through incredible situations.

FISH – creators of worlds
Dreamy ability of members of this sign and in the real world are quite remarkable, so that they, like superheroes were the creators of worlds realize their fantasies. Their imagination and creativity has no boundaries, it would easily have been the rulers of scenarios like the Matrix or futuristic worlds at will.