ASTRO support: What you tempted? Did you pill-or a sex addict?

Through our life everything is tempting than Everything we can depend on. And on this, and on absolutely everything, affect the stars. Read what your zodiac sign of “bad” and what’s bothering you.

RAM is the individual who makes decisions rapidly, smoking and alcohol are a lot of temptation and danger. When Aquarius becomes addicted to something it will be difficult to stop. Rams believe that alcohol or pills relieve stress.

BIK is very stable character, but not as self-conscious when it comes to over-consumption of food and beverages. He enjoys all the sensual pleasures of a sexual frustration forcing him to eat and to be destructive. Bulls often have weight problems, and some with the obsession of watching television.

The twins are prone to smoking. Addicts are of adrenaline, they love the thrill of sexual relations, or their lovers easily bored. They are very creative and can become addicted to work.

CANCER Government Month, making it a victim of its own mood. Cancer is not surprising that he wants to change rapsoloženje pills or alcohol. When the crabs angry, repressed feelings with food.

LIONS think they are immortal and will not gamble, drink alcohol, smoke … It is not excluded that infidelity and deception. This character in everything likes to exaggerate and do everything for attention.

Tense and stiff DEVICE are the biggest workaholics. Tend to become obsessive-compulsive and very upset if things do not work out as they had envisaged. Such an attitude can lead them to alcoholism and the consumption of tranquillizers. Can be maniacs when it comes to exercise.

Members of the scales are very idealistic, and when things do not work out as they imagined, they tend to drugs and alcohol. They can also become addicted to flirting or promiscuity.

Scorpio are usually addicted to pornography. They actually enjoy all the vices that accompany sexual activity, including alcohol consumption, spending too much money on clothes and expensive restaurants. They resent people who do not look fashionable and often indulge in smoking.

STRELCI obsessed wandering. Since by nature restless, their unbelief is a common problem. This is one of the characters who considers himself immortal, smoking, drinking, doing any terrible things because your body feels that it does not hurt anything.

CAPRICORN is less resistant than the other zodiac signs. Capricorns are very self-conscious when it comes to their body and can become dependent on practitioners. Many suffer from anorexia or bulimia. They tend to smoke.

Aquarius is prone to addiction. Aquarius can become obsessed activism, love for pets and vegetarianism. Less resistant than other characters.

Fish are a water sign and it will be difficult to resist drinking, and very often the reason for addiction find the romance and relationship problems. They will drink alcohol to forget the anguish he caused a failed relationship, but considering that this is a very sensitive eco – many things painful experience. Painkillers and tranquilizers to help them escape from reality.