ASTRO TIP: Here’s why everyone should have the Virgin in their environment

Unobtrusive, rational, logical … Virgo zodiac sign is characterized by a practical mind and self-control!

As is known, the Virgin belongs to the earth element. Earthlings signs characterized by practical common sense, caution, self-control. Excellent handling the property and finances.

Taurus is like fertile soil, creating material goods and meet basic needs, Capricorn is disciplined, strong and durable, such as walls.

A Virgo Virgo … it COAST – analyst who compete used to create material goods and to take care of the physical body.

Virgo is like the finest sand on the sea shore, where sea water thrown all over the place (always remember to water symbolizes emotions). So Virgo, a pragmatist and rationalist, I do not know where to go with their emotions, and analyze them separated, Filtering various questions and sub-questions, all the while of her emotions do not stay nasitnija, the finest grains of sand.

And these chips will continue to roam the world, driven by the wind or on top of sea foam. Maybe everyone will find the right grain of pearl-shell that will know how to cherish this grain, it lavishes endless nacre, until it gets the most perfect pearl. And then, Leo will no longer want that pearl. It will no longer be what its grain of sand, so simple and unobtrusive, but something entirely unknown to her, eye pleasing, but nothing more – unusable.

Because Virgo knows that when the appropriate amount of sand add the appropriate amount of water (a water forever and ever represent emotions!) Get strong constitutive mixture, which can build the towers and castles, and without which our world would not be what it is. And who should then pearls?

Virgo is practical, responsible, reasonable, logical, analytical, cautious, precise, accurate, dedicated, perfectionist, critical and somewhat shy and reserved. Where to find a Virgo, it all become worthy of becoming a utility or begin to analyze.

Device usually prefer nepudaljivu, layered clothing, they like to be sure to wear a cotton shirt under a sweater, because health comes first … They smell discreetly, not like strong scents. When you walk past the Device, you will feel the smell of cleanliness, the smell of pine trees or just cut grass, some will even smell the cinnamon. Virgin usually can be seen in gray, blue, dark red or white.

Virgo rules the nervous and digestive systems. Those authorities are the biggest trouble spots when it comes to health Virgo. Do not exert too much emotion, but they are chopping and summarize. Virgo never explosions sense, but always implosion – collapse.