ASTRO TROUBLE: Fish caught on compassion, Cancer Someone Else, a Capricorn is self-sufficient

Each zodiac sign has its own way of coping with adversity. The first horoscope read why some signs of caution and calm, while others rush straight into the flames.

Always looking at how to pull its head, and the others can cope as best they can. Rushing, as it is fearless, but if someone attacks you physically will be charged – on the spot. After repenting, if exaggerated, but must be at least a quarrel.

He knows that the ” smell ” the danger, not blowing into trouble easily and always the right distance to be pulled out if the ‘car went downhill’. Not complaining, especially not in business, because he likes to feel the other side to know how to set. Often eating nerves.

Pull out from every unpleasant or awkward situation. His brain works ‘two hundred per hour,’ ‘responds instantly, as soon as you feel the danger, always have a’ ‘ace in the hole’. Intuitive intuits what from whom to expect, but the weather sends confidential content and whoever is on his side, but the enemy, and when he finds himself in trouble, he knows that will get him out of the coma is more necessary.

Wiser than he looks, although the ” fish ” on sentimentality and waffle in order to gain time while plotting how to get out of trouble. Output looks for a drink, food or the boss with whom she had already collected ratting points. But if he does not help him, and will make a scheme to accuse colleagues.

Leo is very skillfully drawn from every trouble – chooses no means to be saved and swam.

When in sight reputation for trouble, and realizes that she can not escape, he will engage all the people you know, from the postman to the private investigator, would not be pulled out as quickly as possible. And given that, generally, knows the ” top brass ” in the city, most of his meets, because Leo always someone needs it.

She is so intelligent that it will be difficult to get into trouble, however, if the time has already come, asking for output on all sides, but also to the environment and does not realize how much pressure under the Virgin found.

Leafing through a list of potential solutions in your head.

It is quite skillfully drawn from trouble, turning the phone numbers and pulls his many friends and acquaintances, act like everything is fine, although it is not. Peaceful looking into the eyes of opponents, but the whole time you ponder how to draw, it is very embarrassing to him, when he finds out who is to blame for her troubles.

The biggest trouble for her love, and hard to find a way out of it, if it is love, a partner real problems. All other troubles for Scorpio are manageable, even when they do not react immediately, does not mean that hesitant or shy away from solving the problem, but choosing the most cunning way out.

When he got into trouble, Leo immediately in my head spins your circle of connections and ties which, of course, are everywhere. You just need to choose the right number (mobile, work and home) of the person who will help him and the right moment to invite.

There is no trouble from which it will draw practical Capricorn, because his brain works perfectly in a crisis when he becomes his own lawyer, a lifeguard and counselor.

He is ready to endure a lot, just that no one is asked for the service, and those who help him without question, Capricorn never forgets.

Although it seems nonchalant, but behaves like that without it all fit, Aquarius intense thinking how to get out of trouble, mainly financial, because for him the greatest trouble.

Fast from someone borrows money, until we overcome the crisis, as always thinks with his head at the same time as his trump card.

Her reaction when he finds himself in trouble, they can be unpredictable, nervous and depressed mood across mild hysteria, but a real panic. Although you never know how they will react, Fish finding their way out of trouble more quickly than other signs because work is lost, causing pity and is in need others to help them.