ASTRO TRPEZA: Pisces and Scorpio melt in alcohol, Taurus and Leo are fighting about meat

Abundantly little taste who can odeoleti, and in this fight for the top place of Libra and Taurus.


Members of this sign enjoy full table and plenty. They enjoy the role of host and take care of each guest individually. They will find an objection to any meal, or to try a little of everything. Find room for dessert.


These are the greatest gourmets Zodiac. They enjoy and in preparation, but even more so in taste. While observing them during a meal, it’s hard to be yourself and you will not join. He does it with art. After the meal, be sure to be something to sweeten. Ume them even be sick.


No one could say that their food is not important, but there’s a lot more important part of the entertainment, and bathe the table. They often do not have time for meals, but often eat ” s leg ‘. They have a couple of their favorite dishes. They are able to exaggerate with alcohol.


Members of this sign love family gatherings and are found in food preparation. They show this great art and affection. They are great beneficiaries of wine tasters and their work. For them, food is the main source of health, love and prosperity.


Lion will be available at the place of honor at the head table. We will try to grab the best for themselves and that the first serve. While enjoying the food, they will not overdo it in installments. After eating practice a little nap.


Virgo will spend most of their time in preparation, which includes landscaping and perfectly set table. It their meals is reduced to minimum and well choose what to eat. Their diet is challenging in terms of carefully selected ingredients. Health is the most important.


Libra is inclined to exaggerate as I Taurus. With the difference that she is important and how the color resides on the table. They like to try a variety of dishes and always discover some new tastes. This sign prefers sweets most of all. They truly enjoy the taste of sweet.


It will choose a smaller family gatherings and intimate atmosphere during meals. Enjoys oriental flavors and spicy food. With food is neizistavna paragraph aperitif, a meal after a strong wine.


Members of this sign tend to exaggerate in food. They really lack energy because most of the time on the move. Everything is on the table, simply must try. Each type of socializing them is imperative, they like when their house was full.


When the goat must all be strictly planned. The cost of the food must be reduced and iskalkulišu. A little enjoyment in every type of organization. At the table to start a conversation so that no one would be left behind. They feed only physiological needs that should be settled modestly.


Aquarius is one of the best hosts, and even if you show up unannounced, will host cordially. Your imagination, will offer you new flavors and decorations you might find fascinating. However, they will enjoy more cup business.


Are prone to exaggeration, but from heavy meals do not give up because it is left to the current sense of satisfaction that their food provides. Afterwards you will be happy to indulge in a drink. More alcohol for them the standard dose.