ASTRO wasters: Three characters who do not know how to save money-cafés, discos, wipes and travels …

Pubs, discos, wipes and travels … Someone lives life to the fullest nerazmišljajući about “what tomorrow”. Make sure you are a hedonist who does not care about money.


When Bika money can not keep long. As much as it has very quickly and imaginatively to find a way to be “solved”. It is the about the money, but only in order to fulfill all your hedonistic needs. They are very frequent visitors winery and cafe, and will here show all their gallantry. Moments his enjoyment is priceless. They are perfect for a bohemian lifestyle.

Vagi money passes through the hands. When he gets it, forward it to the speed of light already in the local store or perfumery. She did not harness would not help in the shopping mall. This sign has sensors for expensive things. What is it like in the eye, and this is what it must have at any cost. Even if her money run short of a particular thing, overturn heaven and earth to find him.

Leo is a sign that likes to be exposed. This requires luxury items in the assortment of clothes, cars and accessories. Because she likes to be seen, is a regular visitor to all events and popular places for outings, spa centers and exotic destinations (for fejsa). And that does not skimp on your friends, not to the satisfaction of making it a star. Galantnost his manners, and let someone says the opposite.