ASTRO WEAKNESSES: Discover the Achilles’ heel of every zodiac sign-What is it that is sacred to everybody of us!

What is it that is sacred to everybody of us and what are the things that others would not dare to touch, discover.


This sign is, to put it mildly, is allergic to suggestions environments. He will not be imposed, because no one is gifted for a better assessment of his majesty.

Get his sight if he’s hungry. Ruthlessly will blame evolution, civilization, social, economic and personal problems. The second rule is: do not make them. Third: Do not raspravlajte with him about material things.

Do not try to draw their attention to maybe talk a lot. God forbid that they say are boring or tiring to death would offend them. Do not ask them where ever they go and when they return.

Do not touch their belongings because they are very sensitive to this. You can make it even if it makes them cry, if by any accident, damage them, some expensive item that, realistically, no material value.

Besides not possibly should not ask them about the financial situation, as the rule is “no sleeping dogs lie.”

Not at the cost of life do not change their schedules at home, do not you dare even to give any objection on the subject. America you to life.

Here the rule everything can be and nothing can. Libra Put simply oscillate depending on the mood.

Do not hurt the them emotionally. Never you would not forgive the deception and betrayal. Every other compromise with it is possible if it is at a reasonable level.

Do not close them, not limit and does not impose on them obligations. They suffer from claustrophobia to a lesser or greater extent. They need clean air.

Do not touch them money! In their society does not behave childishly, you will look like a fool. Be clear and formal in comparison with them.

Sign ahead of time does not tolerate slow and lazy people. Life without constant upheaval is not life and it is also very clear rule that does not bind. That sense of belonging cause a panic attack.

Do not crush their illusions. They have their own vision of life and if you tried to retrieve is in reality ruthlessly hurt you.