ASTRO: What are the three zodiac sign is prone to weight gain? -Natalna map determines your whole physiognomy

If you believe natal chart determines your whole physiognomy. Discover the signs of the zodiac have a big constitution.

Taurus has strong bones and muscles. Usually, people born under this sign are larger and solid materials. Men have accentuated shoulders and stomach sometimes expressed, given the tendency hedonistic lifestyle. Females in Taurus, though sensual, suffer from excess on the sides, but proportionate to the material given to them in the chest is not missing.

Shooters are not only larger materials, they are extremely high. However, born under this sign should pay more attention to the diet because of the natural tendency to excess weight. When they get fat, to be unbalanced and uneven.

As specialists kulinar Cancer uzuv in food. Since it is the nature of inert and lead a family life, members of this sign have a problem with weight. However, because their stomach is sensitive, it is an item that’s “moderates” in front of a refrigerator. They enjoy a “night” meals.