ASTRO: What are your views of life? Why do you seek in the depths of the soul ….

Discover your primal needs and preferences. What deep down you weigh and what are your ultimate goals. This is a description of your view of the world.


Aquarius tends to entertainment and action. Very precise notes all the details around them, but few which attaches importance to, because life is too short for the little things.

Members of this sign of the inert weight of security and comfort. No rush, life offers many pleasures. Gonna try everything feels his soul, without hesitation.

View more aspects 9iz always confusing situation. Geminis are equipped with a lot of information, so their attention is scattered and often are very forgetful. A life they represent a game without rules.

Life is eternal quest for a soul mate, but the point is to create a perfect harmony in the family. When the world was only a little better.

Sun, beach and sea waves lapping at the walls of the luxurious house where he lives Lav. The world is created for them and they are in it strictly assured.

Device strive for perfection. Do not accept less, except that things are all right and that everything works according to certain rules.

Libra seeks beauty in creatures, objects, nature and the entire environment. Aesthetic values ​​are the guiding star for most things in life.

This sign is an obsession that reveals the secrets and mysteries. There are so many unresolved things in the world is given at the behest Scorpio solve them.

Adventure is the meaning of life. Tour the entire globe and even more than that. Life is risk, but without it he does not make sense.

Striving for success and satisfaction of Capricorn gives meaning to life. Life is a struggle, but a struggle for success gotten its own ambitions.

While other characters have their own philosophy of existence and his views on life, Aquarius seeks meaning and purpose. Who are we and why do we exist?

Fish have their fantasies. For them, life is much more than žovota. Disappointment is often present when these dreams of perfection is not achieved.