ASTRO: What makeup best …. Each character has its own characteristics and favorite colors ….

Each character has its own characteristics and favorite colors. According to the principle of the zodiac there are some suggestions on how to feel and look beautiful.


In your makeup kits certainly must find a bright red lipstick. Since you straight lashes, use a folder and apply a lot of mascara to highlight your sexy look. Blush should preferably be color bronze.

BIKVi already have expressed a lot of lashes that you can point out a mild strokes maskatre. The eyes and lips are your trump card. So it might be a shadow earth colors, place the emphasis, however, on the greens. Your lips sensual, more prominent, prebojte glow pink.


Your seductive eyes fit best lashes and eyeliner. This combination will make your look fatal. Nobody will resist. Goods apply blush, because your face is clean as porcelain. Rouge combine with the outfit.


Pink colors are your choice. ‘Smoky eye’ effect fits you perfectly, but you do not dare to provoke so much attention to himself. Focus on the selection of blush, it can change his appearance if desired.


Golden shades are for you. Higlitghter is an indispensable item in your accessories. Ten must have a tinge of pearl, bronzer is applied and the neckline area. Sequins and glitter are present in the shadows for the eyes as well as the lip gloss.


Natural look. Nothing further. Natural shades of lipstick and shadows. Tinted Cream will replace the powder, slightly rosy apricot, colorless gloss and a little mascara. The only thing you truly important, and that is that eyebrows are impeccably arranged and accurately drawn. On this detail leaves you plenty of time.


You experimental guinea pig when it comes to makeup. No color is not the item that you did not apply. You have ingrained sense of aesthetics and certainly you have already found the perfect pattern by which they operate. In addition, you are naturally beautiful.


Femme fatale must invest in makeup. Black and purple tones dominated. Eyes usually distinguished by a dark shadow, eyeliner or crayon. You are not strange that when you get tired of burgundy roses on your lips and apply black.


Greyish and blue shades suit you perfectly. Your position is otherwise clear, your makeup should not be dominated by you at a spiritual charisma. However, no lip gloss mild pink, do not move anywhere.


Earth colors, or shades of pink and unbecoming of Capricorn. On the more prominent cheekbones, you can apply a mild blush. Eyes can frame gray crayon, fits perfectly in your penetrating gaze. Lipstick should be flesh-colored.


When you are not there moments of surprise. You are always ready for innovation and extreme principles of makeup. You attract ” crazy ” colors, which are very intense and you know that you wear. Attract attention to appearance, but you have a style that nevertheless all burials, because it’s you.


Silver tones suit you best. You like sequins in the shade on the eyelids they dominate. Your lips is enough colorless gloss and blush slightly more intense pink.