ASTRO: What signs of avoiding the truth – Fish lie ourselves, Gemini is forced

All we tested were able to borrow, even if ” white lies ”. The Zodiac signs exist that are more prone to deception and lies. Air signs are prone to self-deception. Here are some examples.

It is known that members of this zodiac sign vivid dreams. They built the tower and to the inside of their trap not everyone is welcome. Life composed of illusion and others present as such, blindly believing that truth is a very relative statement. It is true, the truth can have multiple pages, and who will understand the Pisces, it must also have the same characteristics. Their enthusiasm was immediate, they do not mind if I disappear tomorrow, spaces them is too complicated to explain his version of the truth.

Gemini easier to handle than fine lies with the complicated truth. They have no intention of that last only avoid difficult topics that bring any inconvenience. Understand, however, is their life entertainment, why is interrupted. Also, if you promise something, do not count on this honor at any price, not because they wanted provoke your anger, not at all, they are simply forgotten. Sloppy and do not need to rely on their word. Yet, if anything, even the entertainment.

Here we have a different approach to the truth, because the truth is out there … somewhere. Sagittarius is a very direct and you will not find a more honest advice to his. However, it is not exactly known as the truest sign of their primary relationships, thus circumventing the truth is more than necessary. Is it justified, that they know. There’s this spirit of adventure that is part negovog character, a ” reasonable ” lies are tools that are applied in order to avoid injury.

She was in a situation to resort to lies, and only because of his indecision. Similar to a colleague twins, she does not like conflict situations. It often happens that at the last moment from the starting two, opts for a third version, which requires that someone is suspended, and is forced to deceive ” victim ”. Her painful issue because they happen at the last minute and with a fait accompli.