ASTRO: What signs of the zodiac spend time with my family …. When the favorite papers and who cares about tradition ….

Discover how the character is experiencing family gatherings. When the favorite papers and who cares about tradition.

Usually dominated by spontaneity in relationship to the family. They can be found with family members in a more defensive or critical attitude than friendly. They have to be entertainers and more active position where it all back together. Aries knows how to enter nervousness.

In their quiet, blissful manner, Taurus is able to keep everything quiet. They do not look like they’re doing with the effort, they have a positive impact that is very convincing. Their strength will win the specifics environment.

Gemini is thrilled to have a wide variety of speakers and rejoices at every meeting. At first you might have to force yourself on familiar together, but after the warm, everyone enjoys the party.

Cancer is in his element when he’s with his family. If you are emotionally strained they resort to their home because it was their oasis of peace. If there is no strong support Cancer feels very unhappy and lonely.

Leo is very proud of his family, usually takes place at the head of the table and enjoys to dominate where he feels protective. He will not suffer nonsense, and will take a little bossy, but his good intentions are obvious.

As usual, Virgo works hard to make sure we do not miss anything during dinner and then disappears into the kitchen to clean up everything. They are good organizers, but not the biggest beneficiaries of the bath.

Libra wants a sincere story of a one-on-one with family members, and may be less sociable than usual. However, her emotional connection with everyone pulls the whole family together.

Scorpio is all charming, refusing to allow the tension to escalate. She immediately available to smooth out any possible stressful situations that may arise.

Sagittarius is happy, as usual. On mogže not stand watching the sad face, will do everything mogže to all the other members feel equally delighted as he hje.

Capricorn is cautious when the family is together, are careful if there are any disagreements, because this is what he can not bear. It may seem standoffish at first, but will warm up as time went on.

Aquarius loves family gatherings. Her positive attitude and refusal to be drawn into the standard cliche makes the star of the party.

Fish, in calm seas, bringing peace to the family atmosphere. They will do everything they can to completely avoid any kind of conflict or stressful situations.