ASTRO: Why we love them and what are the reasons that make each character special? Leo brings a dose of adrenaline, Virgo always has a plan, Scorpio’s best friend …

– Quickly fall in love

– They are always ready for action

– They make life exciting

– When they’re always welcome

– Verna are

– Large maze

– Ideal for interview

– Where are the twins, there is fun

– If you are one side of their personalities do not like it, do not worry, the other is better

– Gentle and are compassionate to other people

– His intuition always recognize your mood

– With him feel safe

– Always bring fun and adrenaline

– Protective mood of the people that he cares

– If you fall in love with you, you will feel like the most desirable person in the world

– Considered the

– will agree all the things in your house

– Virgo always has a plan ” b ”

– In her company always feel extremely

– She has an innate charm and it is impossible not to love it

– The beauty and style of the entries in other people’s lives

– Taurus is the most loyal signs of the zodiac

– To know how to keep secrets

– price each good deed that she do

– With him life is an adventure

– Happy are social

– With them you are always clear and know where you are

– share our success with neighbor

– The best hosts

– They are always there to ground and show the real picture

– Objective are great for giving practical advice

– Entertainment and desirable friends

– They’re big advocates of justice

– They have perfect intuition

– They are superficial and compassionate

– full of understanding for all