ASTRO: Your character determines whether you are for a serious relationship or instant sex astrological profile says what tendencies we have partnered

Astrological profile speaks any tendency we have partnered. Scorpio are the truest, while Fish has a different approach to loyalty.

This sign quickly falls in love. However, the real emotions here are difficult to develop. Rams is increased libido and are very active. It does not mean not to give space a permanent relationship, but the emphasis is on sex.


Taurus remains connected while sex life works. They can be loyal and fully committed. They belong to the category of signs that seek stable relationships and connections, but only when the sex life of the operation.

If you give him enough action and keep it on “thin ice”, so long will be interested in you. Since the game does not give up, because if you take a short break, it was more life to the other side. Therefore, if you have the energy, go ahead, but if you seek stability, cancel the start.

This is a typical representative of a stable and harmonious relationships. Cancer does not fit the other. Its challenges and adventures that can only deeply harm. It is linked to the emotional and mental level and seeks constant reassurance on an emotional level.

Leo loves the game of seduction, but when he falls in love knows how to show more and better than any other sign of the zodiac. On the other hand, he prefers the adventure in the form of satisfaction and self-affirmation. However, it must always have a steady partner in support of life.

As long as you are in the forefront of material gain, status and social standing Virgo will maintain the relationship. She is very rational and enters into a marriage, and sex is merely a tool which will serve to win the favor. Adventure in her vocabulary does not exist.

Libra is the sign that simply does not know how to be alone. They are not immune to loneliness and sometimes it happens that they overlap past and future relationships. Sometimes I fall into a dilemma, because the new situation caused uncertainty. If the field is emotionally unstable can be very moody.

Scorpions are among the truest signs of the zodiac. However, their partner is in a constant position to cope with the competition, but it causes constant doubt why sleduje disagreements. Sex is an important factor in mind, but may not be on a superficial level.

Sagittarius does not know how to be committed to only one person. His spirit is always thirsty for adventure and his freedom is more important than any kind of emotional affiliation. They are loyalty can not be expected, therefore the partner must have a great tolerance.

According to the principles of tradition, Capricorn does not engage in superficial relationships and this rule applies in all areas of his life. He was difficult to obtain a partner, but if he decides to move, it’s a relationship in the long run.

This is a restless character and his attention is hard to keep. Aquarius is always looking for new ideas and partners can have more of a friend who was not weigh you down. Possessiveness and jealousy are here completely undesirable.

Fish prefer bonds that will last a lifetime. However, its substance can lead to some “forbidden” terrain. Fidelity from her perspective has a different definition. Body satisfaction were selected, while the emotions completely sublime state of mind.