ASTRO: Your ruling planet is about your character … What kind of power your disposal thanks to planetary impact !.

Every Sign has its own ruling planet that exerts its features. Discover what energy your disposal thanks to planetary influence.

Aries – Mars

This fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is a warrior and exhibits aggressive nature. With him there are no negotiations and compromise on when it decides to implement the action in the work. Mars is also a symbol of blades and weapons. People who are under the strong influence of these planets may be military leader, but also a very successful surgeon. This planet is managed by uniformed persons. Tempestuous temperament.

BIK / SCALE – Venus

Venus is the planet of love. As ruler of Taurus, she’s here on the dirt ground and enjoying the pleasures that draws from nature. Arts, hedonism, love and aesthetics are its key features. In Vagi it exhibits similar characteristics, but considering that it is a sign of air, it tends freedom and its directivity is toward the harmony. This will show love through all segments.

Gemini / Virgo – Mercury

Mercury is the planet that is related to the intellect, communication, speech, writing, traveling and children.

In Gemini it exerts its air qualities, and that is volatility, but also the speed of thought. Driving fast and the need for adrenaline on wheels. It also exerts great rhetorical skills. In Device, Merkur contributes to the great power of memory and perfect memory to the smallest detail.

RAK – Month

The moon is a symbol of the mother, deep emotions, but also changeable moods. Under the influence of the moon are the people who seek family values. Soft skin sleepy eyes and a round face that radiates warmth, typical for stressed Moon in the horoscope. He governs the tides, and the human body consists of 70% liquids. That’s why the mood varies during the phases of the Moon.

LAV – Sun

The sun is the source of life and though the brightness, together with the Moon in astrology, however, the term planet. Government leaders, leaders and people of great importance for humanity. Under the strong influence of the Sun was born many emperors, statesmen and aristocrats who like glow. In difficult circumstances can contribute to snobbery.

Scorpio – Pluto

This is the weight of the planet that brings massive die-off. The destruction of the planet, but also regenaracije. She can not resist the onslaught of destruction. On the other hand, people under the strong influence of these planets are very powerful people, with irresistible charm and fascinating phenomenon that overwhelmed the masses. The sexual charge and erotic appeal of the characteristics of Pluto.

SCORER – Jupiter

This planet ‘great happiness” really delivers an easy life for those born under its influence. It gives sociability, justice and dignity. Jupiter also means higher education and the propensity to travel, discover new horizons. Religion is a very important factor for people under the influence of Jupiter.

Capricorn – Saturn

Saturn is classified as a malignant planet. However, its effect may be different. Suffering, waiting, tears, sadness, nostalgia related to this malefic. However, those with strong influence of Saturn have a great sense of responsibility and love solitude. Planeta age brings conservative attitude, cold and frigid. Jealous and mean, but does not deviate from traditional values. Saturn is harsh teacher. If its lessons are not overcome, the penalties are unimaginable.

Aquarius – Uranus

Uranus rules astrology, pilots, innovators and osbama that tend to experience serious occult. Uranus gives eccentric people who no matter what, conduct their strange life. Strong Uranus also gives great mental ability, but also a great gift for invention, as well as brand new and delusions, which are usually ahead of time. Revolution is happening right under the influence of this planet.

FISH – Neptun

Neptune in astrology applies to a mysterious planet. He is the master of the sea, drugs, chemical compounds and anesthetics. Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions and delusions. Under his influence, people are prone to exaggeration in alcohol, drugs and prone to fraud. Sometimes it can contribute to mental illness. On the other hand, Neptune gives great artists, actors and dancers, people with stunning views of unreal or unusual eye color.