ASTRO: Zodiac signs through Greek mythology-Discover how your sign assigned constellation …

Did you know that each character is named after the events of the characters from Greek mythology? Discover how your sign assigned constellation.

Nephala, Queen of Thebes, she saved her two children by their stepmother, so they sent the Golden Ram. Fur is then stolen, and Zeus the Ram sent immediately to heaven.

Zeus disguised as a bull fell to the ground in order to have sex with the most beautiful girl in the world Europe. Would not it be thanked, put it on the most visible place in the sky in the constellation.

Greek legend tells that in ancient times was known worldwide beauty Tindarajeve (the Spartan king) women Lede. It is clear that her beauty could not miss the all-seeing Zeus who turned into a swan incredible beauty and so approached the lady. Leda gives birth to twins. Both get their constellation.

Cancer was the assistant of the goddess Hera, and she sent him to fight against the hero Heracles. Heracles was literally crushed. In return, Capricorn got a special place in heaven.

Constellation Leo, according to mythology, was created thanks to the argument of the supreme god Zeus and his wife Hera. At this time ravaged the forests around the city of Nemea, in Argolis, a huge lion, which was not possible to hurt or kill any weapon made by human hands. Hera hopes to kill the lion of Hercules, but it eliminates Heracles. Hera was Zeus gave the lion despite the constellation.

Two names from Greek mythology in the game: Erigon, who mourned his dead father, and Persephone, daughter of Demeter the goddess of fertility, which is taken to the underworld.

According to legend, the supreme god Zeus had with the goddess of Justice, three daughters: Eunomiju, Irene and Dick. Dick (whose name means Fair) was tasked with the symbols of his mother (scales and blindfolded) goes around the whole country and oversee the implementation of the law. About the actions of men had regularly informs Zeus.

Orion suddenly happiness beautiful goddess Artemis (which itself was a hunter) and wish for a mistress. But the goddess does not let him off that easy before. An angry and offended by his brutality, fleeing Orion, Artemis arrives to a meadow and to forever protect and rejected Orion, and found a little strange animal, with a venomous stinger. She sent the Orion which she bites and he dies.

It represents the most famous Centaur – Chiron, who was half man and half horse. Poisoned arrows killed the eagle and freed Prometheus, and in its place voluntarily by Chiron that the future should not suffer for human sins.

According to Greek mythology, is the goat Amalthea. It is their milk suckled Zeus when he was a baby, but he had a sign of gratitude, by the sky.

Aquarius – Aquarius
At one point on the Earth took over evil. Zeus is making sure of that with Olympus released a terrible rainstorm that all live immersed. He saved the only son of Prometheus Deucalion with his wife Pira.

The goddess of love Aphrodite and her son Eros were walking carelessly along the Euphrates, when they were surprised by Titan. Who knows what today would be called all these immense collection cosmetic, spa centers, and even Eros Ramazzotti them Zeus did not immediately turned into a two fish and so saved their lives.