Astroisceljivanje – work on the subconscious planets

Astroisceljivanje or astrohealing is a very young branch of astrology that relates to the treatment of certain izazvonih aspects in the natal chart. We come with more or less bad aspects, and to our life are tasks that we have in this life. Some tasks are more difficult and some easier. However, aspects which make planets that fall into emotional or subconscious, and that means that they were tied to our emotions, feelings of closeness to others but to one person, our desires, empathy, etc., can us the most in everyday life thwart the work and life. When we talk about the planets that relate to the emotions we’re talking about women’s planets, ie the Moon and Venus.

Also in this group of planets that are related to the subconscious mind can be classified and the planet Neptune, as coordinator of the subconscious and unconscious (the god Neptune or Hypnos the god of dreams – and dreams are our window into the subconscious of the unconscious). Emotional imbalance that occurs in people with the natal chart problem on this planet, especially the poor relationship between the two subliminal planets may occur from time to time during various life periods, especially when it comes to emotional relationships and feel happiness and life satisfaction. Two subliminal planets in hard aspect primarily bring neazdovoljstvo general, women – look, partner, feeling that internal dissent role of the mother – women-lover, disorientation in the role of mother in law, sister in law, etc. In addition, there is great tension within the female principle, all depending on where the characters are planets – women may have obsessive compulsive disorders and the sense that it is not something there to be – want to be outside all under control (clean – sterile and over meticulous) to frequent diseases of the female body. Almost always appears problematic relationship with her husband’s mother or sister, or daughter with a job can have a good relationship with colleagues, boss, etc. In men, this aspect brings problems with his mother and wife, the inability to have a woman (more often than at the same time have a wife and a mistress or more), even though they are deeply unhappy in this life, because none of them can not meet the internal voltage poor female principle. There is often a problem when they find each other, and to that must inevitably come, because the internal dynamics of the planet required to solve challenging aspect through some unpleasant and tense event in reality. What is important to understand that our needs that we want to solve this problem but we do not have enough energy to deal with it. We are using this izazvonim aspect in this life that once confronted with them. And as long as we do not solve it, we will come and updaćemo same people in similar situations that are giving us problems, and once we decide or not to actually become aware that we need one to fix it. For problem situations during life do not make themselves, give them their energy called planetary settings. There will always be a woman who has such an aspect that it is men who can not meet, there will always appeal to them, they do not know and I do not feel what she wants, or wants, to a moment when he has become aware that it is not a problem to them than it, ie . its dissatisfaction with the feminine principle. How is this resolved and when it can solve? Most people in the second half of his life revive his troubled life forms.

Women thirties realize that living unsatisfied married who do not fulfill, or to have a permanent boss or wife of director who can not tolerate – and wonder how much still one get a woman to give them orders and when to get a woman to have a harmonious relationship with her. Deep emotional dissatisfaction going from bad primary relationships – the relationship with the mother, but also problematical relationship with some women in her family. Also, in this case the person astrological consultation statement will not help much that she unhappy because she herself and knows. She needs help in an emotional sense, and therefore it needs to work on his subconscious because the subconscious of its planets in a bad relationship. How can you help such a person in astrohealingu? If we talk about women’s planets and emotions – we are talking about the water element, because emotions are actually subconscious – we feel them but i can not see that. not materialized in the physical structure and yet we are very aware of them, and they control us very much. One of the checks for this problem can be various types of treatment with water. All depending on the setting and position of the moon and Venus, and the sign in which they are located, the person can help aqueous solutions – such as for instance Bach’s drops, or if the person and unsatisfied physical body – and clean water, as well as therapy, a child who is carried out with a lot of liquids, in the days when the moon is positioned as the natal chart and so on. It is important to cleanse the moon, and if, for example. in Aries – to connect water and a plant that falls into this character (like ginger), or to find a solution and that for Venus. all depending on its sign (Venus is the ruler of flowers, fragrance, aroma, so it is possible to do massage with special blends of fragrances for specific character in which Venus is a therapy that can help in eliminating this tense aspect between the women of the planet). Also, during the conversation can point the client to all holistic therapies that are ideal for the treatment of this aspect, and if we talk about this in particular, to whether or massage and work on the chakras that are in charge of this planet (second and fourth chakra). Dan ruled by the Moon on Monday (Moonday, eng.), So it is important to start on that date or therapy and coincide with the lunar phase that a person has in Natal. These are all some advice for a particular aspect which may at a certain point that is activated during life, it is essential a good knowledge of how its natal position of planets and natal chart, and annual forecasts, which indicate the activation of certain tense aspects of Natal during the year .